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Making a Grand Entrance with a Smoky Eye!

Ever since I was a little girl I have had a fascination with beauty products and for the LONGEST time all I wanted in life was to be a make-up artist. Growing up, my mom would take my sister and I to Nordstrom every month or so to get a new lip gloss or mascara that we had saved our pennies to buy. She would let us get our “make-up” done by the professionals at one of the beauty counters. For a 13 year old this was pretty close to heaven! Those girly Saturday dates with my mom and sister (oh! And my dad! Sweet guy would bring a book and find the nearest bench!) will always be one of my favorite teenage memories! Along with all of those make-up dates, I would ask for beauty books for birthdays and Christmas…I have been obsessed ever since.

Trust me when I say I have literally tried ALL the mascara, from Dior to Maybelline, my mascara drawer is stocked. But for someone like me who has extremely blond eyelashes and blue eyes, having a great mascara is super important, AND to top it off I live in Florida where the heat and humidity will just about make a sharpie smudge, so non-smudging mascara is also crucial for my beauty arsenal.

When Elizabeth Arden launched their new Grand Entrance Mascara I was worried it would be like the other ones I have tried that claim to be the best for a “smoky eye” but end up being clumpy and smudgy. I was really excited to find out that it was neither! I am serious, I love it SO much. You can really take this mascara from day to night depending on the coats. Not only does it separate the lashes, but it visibly lengthens them… don’t even ask me how they do that! I have no clue, but trust me on this, it works! Also, it hasn’t smudged on me yet, which is a MAJOR bonus in my book!


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 This is a little before and after for you showing off just a few of my favorites from Elizabeth Arden’s new line!

I love a simple make-up routine and when date night rolls around I really love that all I need to do is add a few swipes of Grand Entrance Mascara, a bit of eye shadow, and we are good to go!

To be honest with you I am a total “blender” when it comes to eye make-up and I like using a handful of different shadows all at once to really create depth; also because it makes me feel a bit like Picasso, and I like that. Ha!
All of that to say, you could totally achieve this look with just one of two of the eye shadows listed below, but I really liked the way all four worked together!

To achieve this look I used:
Elizabeth Arden’s Grand Entrance Mascara, EA’s Eye Shadow in: Smolder, Shimmer Copper, Truffle, and Black TiePink Pucker Lipstick, and of course the Smoky Eyes Powder Pencil.


Ashley Brooke Designs - Elizabeth Arden


A tip I leared through the years of being beauty obsessed is finding the perfect shade of lipstick that pairs with your smoky eye is just as important! If you go too dark or too pigmented on the lipstick that’s when the whole “smoky eye” look starts to seem overdone, and that is never good! I try and keep my lip color really subtle if my eyes are going to be darker, and Elizabeth Arden’s matte lipstick in “Pink Pucker” is my favorite for a look like this it’s subtle, pretty, and polished. 


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Also, like I haven’t already totally sold you,  Elizabeth Arden is running a month long sweepstakes with the chance to win $250 to shop their site (I know, this is amazing!!).  To enter, upload a photo of yourself on Instagram making an “unforgettable entrance” with #GrandEntranceSweeps tag.  The picture could be you heading out on the town with the girls, a date with your best guy, or a cocktail party for work! Let’s be honest when your all done up a selfie is inevitable anyways, so just make sure you tag it… do it for the free magical mascara!


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Look Details:

Elizabeth Arden’s Grand Entrance Mascara, EA’s Eye Shadow in: Smolder, Shimmer Copper, Truffle, and Black Tie, Pink Pucker LipstickSmoky Eyes Powder Pencil.

Outfit Details:

Eliza J. Dress, Bauble Bar Earrings, Steve Madden ShoesProvidential Story Clutch

Vanity Details:

Vanity, Chair, pillow, mirror




In Partnership with Elizabeth Arden.

Photographed by Gregory Daniel.


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  1. Obsessed with your makeup and outfit! Love it. Haven’t used Elizabeth Arden in forever and might have to go try it out again!

    • Girl, you definitely need to try it! BEST mascara I have found in a long time, which is big because I am a total lash lover!

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