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Making conversation can be super intimidating on a first date or even the first couple of dates.  Being a good listener can go a long way.  Listening closely can spur new conversation topics too!

Here are a couple of things to avoid talking about, at least on the very first date:

-Personal Money Matters: Asking how much money someone makes is way out of bounds.  Telling someone how much you make is just as out of line.

-Previous Romances: Avoiding talking about old loves.  your new date doesn’t want to hear about it and it may make them feel like they are being compared to your exes.

-Gossip: Celebrity news is totally cool, but talking about family drama or office politics can make you seem petty.

-Politics and Religion: Not totally off limits but these topics should probably be eased in to so that you aren’t perceived as preachy or closed minded.

source: Emily Post’s Etiquette


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