I probably should of post this befooooore Valentines Day, but better late then never! Here are some guidelines for being etiquettely correct on a date!
Be on time- arrive when you said you would, 5 mins. give or take is okay but other than that… be prompt! (If you are going to be late, call and let your date know). This also goes for when your date is picking you up, be ready- don’t expect your date to entertain his or herself!
Go to the door– This is not curb-side service …. this is a date… enough said!
Review your plans– Let your date know if there are any change of plans.
Transportation– The person that makes the date is usually the person responsible for the transportation. (Be sure the vehicle is clean or if you are taking a cab – have the # handy!)
Conversation– Keep it light on a first date. Get to know each other. Don’t worry about being a brilliant conversationalist or avoiding obvious topics like the weather, go ahead and comment on it being a nice evening!
When the date is coming to a close… Both parties are responsible for thanking one another for the evening whether or not it was successful! If the date was successful, it is more than okay to talk about getting in touch again, but only do this if you PLAN on getting in touch.

** Oh and … Men- Open doors and pull out chairs, it is just common courtesy!**


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