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My Favorite Month of The Year! 

My friends and family joke that I inspired the movie Elf… and quite frankly, it could be very possible. Christmas cheer never gets old to me. I love all the cheesy, ridiculous, over-the-top, pomp and circumstance of the season.  I have yet to meet a holiday I didn’t like, but Christmas is just downright magical. And somehow I married a man who loves me enough to humor me during this season.  Although to be honest, I think my festiveness is starting to rub off on him! 

Every year Ryan and I sit down and make an epic December Bucket list full of holiday activities, parades, caroling, etc. But every year, without fail, January rolls around and we never made a dent in our list… it’s honestly quite depressing.  The last few years we’ve been so busy with work we’ve barely looked up. So this year we made a pact to stick to our holiday bucket list at all costs! I even made a google calendar with all the events so that we’d actually remember to do them.  So far, 5 days into December, we are really making great strides! 

Again, as cheesy as it sounds it really has been a fun past five days (see here!) and I cannot wait to see what the rest of December holds. Life is truly nutty, whichever way you shake it, so it’s nice to put some real effort into having f-u-n. I’m over being the over-worked-too-busy-to-be-fun people and I’m 100% leaning into the work-hard-play-hard mentality.  And I’ve got to be real with you… it’s WAY better!

I was really excited about our list and more than anything our intentionality this December with getting out and really living.  But I got a kick out of how much you all are into it as well. On Friday night over on my Instagram Stories I mentioned our December Bucket List and the DMs started flooding in about what all was on the list, where could they find the list, how could they make their own… so now that I know we are all in the same boat of wanting to have MORE FUN, I thought I would share our list with you! It’s not location specific, but I bet if you look you can find all of these things to do in your home town.

So, without further ado…

December 2017 Bucket List:
  1. Christmas Movie & Picnic in the Park – Done! (see here)
  2. Christmas Shopping, in an actual Mall – Done! (went on Saturday… only bought one gift, but the Christmas buzz was fun!)
  3. Decorate Sugar Cookies – Done! (Did that on Sunday at my parent’s house, we had the BEST time.)
  4. Go see the Dickens Christmas Carolers – (It’s happening tomorrow! Can’t wait!)
  5. Throw or Attend a Fancy Christmas Party – (attending one on Saturday, I already have my outfit picked out and ready!)
  6. Order and mail Christmas cards – Done! Waiting for them to arrive so I can mail them out!
  7. Watch ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’We have plans to make this happen on Saturday!
  8. Roast S’mores at our own back-yard bonfire on a “chilly” night (remember we live in FL!)
  9. Drive around and look at Christmas lights with hot cocoa.
  10. DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters
  11. Throw or Attend an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party – We have a party on the books! Can’t wait! 
  12. Go on a fancy holiday date night (hint hint, Ryan!)
  13. Watch ‘Love Actually’ with Girlfriends
  14. Host a Holiday Girls’ Craft Night and make ornaments – We planned it yesterday… girls’ night is officially on the calendar!
  15. Have brunch with Santa – Made reservations!
  16. Visit Disney to see the decorations
  17. Watch ‘The Holiday’ while wrapping gifts
  18. Master a new holiday cocktail
  19. Go to The Nutcracker Ballet – Bought the tickets! This is one of my favorites and a tradition running for 4 straight years!
  20. Make homemade caramel corn for neighbors (we deliver these each year to neighbors, friends, mailmen, and neighborhood garbage collectors)


So that’s it ladies and gentlemen, THE LIST. I hope it inspires you to make your own, to get out and have some fun this December. With all the parties, family events, and responsibilities of the season it can get overwhelming quickly… so take some time out and schedule in a little festive-ness for you and your favorite people! 

Oh! And don’t forget to tell me what’s on your list this season, I can always make room for something else! 😉 



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  1. Disney at Christmas is fun! We’ve been twice! We’re coming back at the end of February…can’t wait. I LOVE your list, and I am smiling picturing both of you enjoying your December! ☃️

  2. I’m traveling to Disney tomorrow from Tennessee to visit my sister and brother-in-law and go see all of the Christmas decorations! Christmas at Disney has always been my favorite 🙂
    Your list is inspiring me to make one as well! I recently bought a record player and have been playing my parents’ old classic Christmas records nonstop since Thanksgiving, so I would definitely recommend doing that while decorating or wrapping. The crackly sound from the aged vinyls makes it feel more special!

  3. I also live in Orlando, and I am running in the Jingle Bell 5k on Saturday in Baldwin Park with my family- including my 11 year old daughter’s first race! You should make the event on your list! It’s always a fun day! And it’s supposed to be cold- YAY!

  4. Can’t wait for 10 and 14! Would love to see your DIY ugly sweater. Also, going to try and do 6 with just regular holiday cards to friends/family. Great ideas!

    • I know, it’s going to be so much fun… Also, YES I’ll definitely show off my DIY ugly sweater, but first I have to come up with an idea! ha!

  5. I think you pretty much have everything on my bucket list as well! I can’t wait to go to Disney to see the decorations 🙂

    But I must ask, where does one have brunch with Santa??

  6. This is awesome! This is my first year I don’t have to work in a job where I completely miss the holiday season and all of the sudden it is January! Where can you brunch with Santa?!

    • Yay! So happy for you Shannon!
      A resturant near us does Brunch with Santa, we go with our friends who have little ones and it is always a blast! Also, there are bottomless mimosas! 😉 It’s called Canvas. xx

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