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Decorating for Christmas is by far one of my favorite things and this year, it’s safe to say, we went a little over-board. The inside of our home is dripping with tinsel, lights, garland, and wreaths, but the outside of our house is where our décor really shines.


 18”  lacquered wreaths for windows // 23” Lacquered wreaths for the door // 2 10” English Holiday Estate Garlands // Red Ribbon

25% off with the code: MAGNOLIA25

For the past two years we’ve with the help of our friends over at The Magnolia Company to create the prettiest outdoor décor. I cannot take any credit for the spectacular-ness of the wreaths and the garland, that’s all them. Everything comes to our doorstep and Ryan and I tie the bows and do the hanging.

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Since we bought the house years ago we’ve been doing wreathes and bows on the windows instead of twinkle lights. We like it to look quaint, almost like a Dickens’ Village, and I love it. Don’t get me wrong, I am OBSESSED with twinkle lights. But it’s really just because the wreaths and garland are just so beautiful that I want them to shine on their own.


All Season Magnolia Wreaths

This year we ordered the lacquered wreaths and I can’t tell you how excited I am about them. They are made fresh to order, but they’ve been painted – meaning they will last for a few years! I love the idea of getting multiple seasons out of them, not to mention they are just as perfect for Christmas as they are for Spring. For the front door, I think I will be keeping it up all year long, it’s just too pretty to take down. 

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If you are looking for décor to finish out the season or a great gift to send a loved one, friend, or co-worker who is far away, I can’t recommend The Magnolia Company enough. 

A friend over on Instagram stories DMed me and even told me that she received a Magnolia Company wreath as a wedding gift a few years ago. She said it still looks just as stunning as it did when she first received it. So don’t think just holidays, think ALL the days! And of course, if you are doing a little online shopping, make sure you use the code: MAGNOLIA25 for 25% off your order! 😉

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As a side note…. last year I put together two posts outlining our time at the farm and our décor  (here & here) if you are interested on reading more on Matt & Julie from The Magnolia Company. I mean it when I say they are just some of the kindest people we have ever met and we consider ourselves incredibly blessed to know them personally. Seriously. They stopped production and their entire team prayed for Ryan before his surgery a couple of weeks ago. I’m telling you, they are the kindest humans I know, and I can’t talk them up enough.


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