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Good morning and happy Friday to you!! I cannot believe it’s Friday already, but I am SO thankful! It’s been a busy, busy week (per usual) in the studio, but today I thought I’d just share a snapshot I took of my desk this week right before doing another one of my branding consults. Have I told you yet how much I like doing these?! When I started Ashley Brooke Designs almost 6 years ago, I asked a lot of questions–I’m talking A LOT. And received tons of guidance from those I trusted and or looked up to, and still do the same today. So to be able to sit on the “other side” of the table and help guide other young businesses and provide a bit of a bumper for them to bounce ideas off of and guide them in the right direction has not only been so much fun for me, but extremely rewarding. I love my branding clients and am so proud of how hard they are working! You are all totally killing it!

P.S. if you are interested in setting up a brand consult, e-mail us… I’d LOVE to chat with you!



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