Blogger Ashley Brooke's Tips For Perfecting The At Home Tailgate |

The at home tailgate!

Today we are diving into the Dinner Part Series with the At Home Tailgate. For those of us in the South, football isn’t a sport, it’s a lifestyle. We love our football and most Saturdays just about everyone is sporting their team colors or glued to a television, it’s just what we do around here.

I, for one, love football season for many reasons, but the actual game is not exactly at the top of the list! For me, it’s all about the good snacks, fun team spirit (I love any reason for pomp and circumstance), and a great excuse to get together with friends.  So today I am breaking down my personal home tailgate party for you: the set up, details, and food.

And like always, just because you’re having people over doesn’t mean it has to be hard and labor intensive. Take a peek at this little video we put together for you to prove all you really need is great food, a fun tablecloth, and I like to throw flowers into any get-together I host!


The Set Up

My motto with setting any table is “pretty, but never fussy.” I own a set of all-white dishes and serving plates which easily translates to every occasion. So for this party, all I really did was pull things out from the cabinets!

P.S. Never feel bad about breaking out those paper plates, either. You never worry about them and they make for easy cleanup – always a win-win!

I also like to keep it simple. So if the boys are going to be inside screaming at the television, I like to keep a spot for the girls that is a bit less intense. Although, my best friend Betsy can yell at the TV like the best of them… but either way, it’s good to have options!


Blogger Ashley Brooke's Tips For Perfecting The At Home Tailgate |


Several years ago I bought this picnic table on Craigslist for under $200 and it will go down as one of my best purchases ever. I use it for just about every party we throw. It’s durable, sturdy, and seats 8-10 easily! 


Blogger Ashley Brooke's Tips For Perfecting The At Home Tailgate |


The Details

I am all about the details and since it’s Fall, why not lean into it?! My go to’s are flowers and linens, but it never hurts to add a little flare! 

Flowers – I love using potted plants as decor for parties because they end up lasting longer than cut flowers and you can reuse them. Plus something like mums will give you a BIG impact for a little price… and I’m all about that. I knew I wanted mums for our front porch, so this was just an excuse to get a few more. 

Linens – When it comes to linens I may just be a hoarder. I come by it honestly. Even my mom has turned my childhood bedroom into her linen closet. I’m not even kidding. So I typically have something that will match just about any occasion on hand. They’re relatively inexpensive but make a huge statement. I scooped up this one for under $20 at Homegoods, so just keep your eye out! 

Decor – Lastly, when it comes to decor like little signs and do-dads I usually opt out.  But when I was cleaning out my craft closet I found an orange paint marker so I got inspired! Simple and fun are always best in my book, and that’s where the pendant banner came from.


Blogger Ashley Brooke's Tips For Perfecting The At Home Tailgate |


Blogger Ashley Brooke's Tips For Perfecting The At Home Tailgate |


The Food

Okay, let’s get to the good stuff the FOOD. 

Recently a girlfriend and I were chatting about giving up certain foods and I said “I will literally give up anything, but I will NOT give up french fries.” That’s where I draw the line.  I love fries more than anything. When Ryan and I are at our favorite dinner spot, I often order the kale salad with a side of fries because in my head they cancel each other out.

Which leads me to my latest discovery!

When I heard about Whole Cuts I was already in the car and on my way to the store (yes they have them at Publix in the produce section!). I was hooked before I even tried them. It’s honestly like a fry and a chip had a baby… and I’m not sure there has been anything more wonderful. Not only do they seriously taste amazing, but they make THE perfect game day chip. 

I am totally a label reader, and these just so happen to be GMO and Gluten Free, which makes me extremely happy!

I love the Salt and Vinegar flavor and they made the perfect addition to my tailgate spread. Plus, everyone loves a new snack!


For my At Home Tailgate I usually serve:

  • ““ Hot dogs & Hamburgers
  • ““ Guacamole
  • ““ Salsa
  • ““ Ranch Dip
  • ““ Nachos
  • ““ Beer
  • ““ Mixed Fruit
  • ““ Cupcakes
  • ““ Whole Cuts Fries (GET THE SALT & VINEGAR!)

(don’t cringe… it’s not supposed to be your healthiest meal ever. You’ll have a green smoothie on Sunday, enjoy Saturday!)

All of these can pretty much be prepped the same day.  Plus the boys love to grill and play corn hole during halftime… so it’s nice to give them a job too!

To make it easy, you can download a printable grocery list below!


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Blogger Ashley Brooke's Tips For Perfecting The At Home Tailgate |
 Blogger Ashley Brooke's Tips For Perfecting The At Home Tailgate |


So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed my tailgate rundown. And don’t forget – the next time you are at Publix or RaceTrac to hop in and grab a couple bags of Whole Cuts! I pinky promise you’ll love them!



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Photographed by: Dani Nichol Photography 

Video by: Joshua & Rachel Best

In Partnership With: Whole Cuts


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