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  1. 1. I was expecting a happily-ever-after perfect story moment where Dean pitched again….but I’m so glad it didn’t happen. The story is more credible and realistic when it doesn’t happen, even if we were rooting so hard for it to happen!

    2. Andy and Evvie’s breakfasts reminded me of Sex and the City brunches. I think the emotional/sexual tension was definitely there, even if nothing came from it. When Harry Met Sally is one of my all-time favorite movies, and I think men and women CAN be friends, but there is always some chemistry there on some level.

    3. The rice breakdown was such a good scene! I think it was close, if not definite, rock bottom for Evvie. I think ending things with Dean was brave on some level because she knew she was prioritizing herself. I also think going back to therapy was incredibly brave for her.

    I love, love, love this book and kept thinking what a good movie it would make! I want Reese Witherspoon to pick it up and make a movie. Casting ideas? Who would make for a good Dean, Evvie and Andy?

  2. This is hands down my favorite book so far! I loved the way it was written and how the story was told. I was sad to see it end, but loved the ended!

    1. I had hope Dean would pitch again, but I’m kind glad he didn’t because that made the story more realistic for me.

    2. I think deep deep deep down there was an intimate attraction for Andy and Evvie, but as two married adults they learned to ignore that and it blossomed into a unique friendship.

    3. I think the moment Evvie told Dean she didn’t love her husband is when the processes of her becoming more brave began in baby steps.

  3. 1. I really hoped he would pitch again because it is hard to give up the dream or something you really love. I guess it turned out ok in the end, but it would of been nice to have the best of both worlds.

    2. Yes, men and women can absolutely be friends. Personally, my best friend is a guy, so I totally buy into this. Now, we aren’t quite as close as these too, but I think it’s totally fine to have a best friend of the opposite sex. If nothing else, you always provide a good POV since men and women are soooo different.

    3. OMG – the breaking of the plates. It was like a total religious/therapy/freeing of the mind scene. Just letting go of the things that weigh you down can be so freeing. LOVED this!!!

  4. 1. I did think he would, yes! But I was happy with how it turned out.
    2. I don’t know because I don’t have any male friends apart from husbands of my female friends haha. So I’m not a good judge of this! I think I found their close friendship fairly realistic, if at times a little odd. Loved it anyway!
    3. I think she was brave to open up to Dean about her husband. I think she was also brave when she went for it with the plates- that felt freeing. And I also thought she was so brave in how she handled her mom. I was cheering for her because that really hit home for me.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and have shared it with numerous friends already. Good choice! 🙂

    • Thanks Jessica! I’m glad you loved it and have been able to share it with your friends. It is definitely one of our favorites!

  5. 1. I truly did- and I thought Evvie would be his good luck charm. Love the unpredictability of this plot line though.
    2. I think that yes, women and men can truly just be friends. However, I think there are boundaries especially when significant others come into play, so I don’t think Evvie and Andy’s relationship was 100% realistic.
    3. I think Evvie was always brave! But there was definitely a turning point when she opened up about her marriage to Dean.

    • You’re right! Evvie was brave from the get go but it was fun to see her bravery evolve and really bloom over time.

  6. 1. I really did! When Evvie had that feeling that his trip would change everything, I thought it would be for the better, but was so worried that was too good to be true!

    2. I think so, but it’s rare! In this case I feel like Andy did have stronger feelings towards Evvie. It’s so odd to me that she didn’t question his devotion and attention to detail in her life… and I really liked that her and Monica became friends!

    3. I think she was brave when she told Dean the truth about her relationship with Tim and the life insurance money dialogue. She finally opened up about just how bad that marriage was and how lonely/boxed in she felt. I think it was also brave that she went and found Dean at night and got him to come home, and especially when she got her own home on the water. That was crucial to her own happiness- and that dog! I want a Webster (or a Dolly, Ashley!)

  7. 1. I definitely thought Dean would end up pitching again but I’m very happy with how his story turned out.
    2. I do think men and women can just be friends, but to be best friends like that would take a unique set of circumstances. For example, if two people grew up together since they were babies and stayed close, then maybe.
    3. I was so proud of Evvie during this book and was definitely cheering her on! For me, the plate smashing incident really stood out to me and I think it marked the beginning of a big internal change for Evvie.

    Overall, I really really loved this book and would love to see more written by this author!

  8. 1. Did you ever think Dean would pitch again professionally?
    I really, really did!
    2. Andy and Evvie; It’s the age-old When Harry Met Sally question—can men and women just be friends? Did you find their friendship realistic?
    I kind of thought they would get together at some point! I think being friends is very different than being “best friends” and I don’t believe men & women can really be each other’s best friend without complications.
    3. At what point do you think Evvie started being brave?
    Can I say all the points? I feel like her character development was incredible but I really noticed it when she decided to sell the house & literally move on.

  9. 1. I did think Dean would pitch again but I love the way Linda Holmes handled that storyline–he got another opportunity but ultimately it wasn’t to be and found fulfillment elsewhere. That felt true to life and healthy.

    2. I think men and women can absolutely be friends but I don’t know if they can be each other’s best friend? Maybe it’s just me but it’s much easier to have close female friends because I think as women we share a common experience that is missing in a male friendship. Also, note to self, tonight’s plans include watching When Harry Met Sally <3

    3. I thought breaking the plates was a big turning point for Evvie–it felt like a tangible declaration that she didn't have to stay locked in to her old life anymore! I'm all about ridding your life of things that bring you down. Let it go!

  10. 1. I thought Dean was going to give it another shot! I feel like the book definitely tricked you into thinking that. But I was not dissapointed with how it turned out whatsoever 🙂

    2. I totally did not find this friendship realistic! Super sweet, but not realistic. I still think Andy loves her for real deep down somewhere and it was just too far past the point of going for it.

    3. I think Evvie’s bravest point was when she decided to turn down the opportunity to see her mom. It takes some real guts to do what’s best for you and say no to some things!

    LOVED this book so so so much. Already have 3 friends reading and LOVING it 🙂

    • 1. I absolutely thought Dean was going to pitch again. The dreamer in me always hopes and wishes that everyone can live out their dreams too.

      2. I had a friendship like Andy and Evvie growing up but as people grow in their relationships with spouses and significant others it’s impossible to still have that bond.

      3. I think Evvie showed bravery so much, but especially when she told Andy about the lies and how her relationship really was with her husband. It shows so much strength to admit those lies.

      I absolutely loved this book! Can’t wait until next month!

  11. So excited to discuss with you!!

    1. Actually, yes! I definitely saw Dean pitching again, but I do love the way the storyline turned out!

    2. Haha! I love this question! I definitely think men and women can be friends, but each other’s only and best friend?! IDK, I definitely thought there was going to be something between them! Maybe I’m with Harry on this one! 😉

    3. Oh my gosh. Applesauce + Rice. I feel like that was a definite turning point!!

    Ah! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

    • I’ve had my own applesauce and rice moment that brought about the bravery I needed to make a change in my life! Those moments are invaluable!

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