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We’re getting ready to dive in to the details of the book. Haven’t read it yet? Get acquainted with our latest selection, Meant To Be Mine here.

Where did July go?! I feel like this month just flew by in a whirlwind of humidity, 100+ temps, too much watermelon, and such fun road trips! Please tell me I’m not the only one. I’m cannot for the life of me wrap my head around the month of August… HOW DID WE GET HERE!

Anyway, I’m pumped to chat about another fabulous read with you. Didn’t you just love Meant To Be Mine by Hannah Orenstein?! I adored it! No surprise here, Grandma Gloria stole the show for me. I hope you loved it as much as I did and I can’t wait to meet you down in the comments to hear all of your thoughts.

Also… any idea for what we should choose for August?! I feel like there are SO many good books this summer that I’m having the hardest time choosing!

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Okay y’all, let’s talk books! Head down to the comments to answer our discussion questions and tell us what you thought of this month’s selection. Remember, the Ashley Brooke book club is here to be fun and thoughtful, so be sure your comments are kind and respectful of others.

Discussion Questions

Excited to hear your thoughts below!


Edie was very committed to the idea of finding her soulmate on the day Grandma Gloria predicts. Do you believe in soulmates?


What did you think of Rae’s revelation and how would you feel if you were Edie?


What did you think of Edie getting together with Bennett at the end of the book?


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  1. 1. I don’t really believe in fate or soulmates – I like Amelia’s comment about it being more about the type of person and not specifically one person.

    2. I was shocked by Rae’s confession – I felt like Edie’s reaction was a bit much, but then, if I had been committed to this idea for my whole life like Edie was, it would definitely take some time to process. I liked that it was included though because it gave Edie the permission to let go of her commitment to her date.

    3. I loved it! I thought from the second we were introduced to Bennett that she would end up with him (although in the middle for a while I also thought she might end up back with Jonah). I liked his character and I looooved the tie in at the end with his grandparents!

  2. 1. I do and I don’t, lol. I think there are people who are placed in our lives for a reason but I also believe love and relationships take a lot of intentional work and that is really what ultimately makes it work.

    2. I was so surprised by Rae’s confession!! I think, like Edie, I would have needed some time to process that but I that I would have eventually found it to be relief to know that “the date” isn’t the end all be all of my long term relationship success.

    3. I felt like it was a little rushed in the book but I really liked Bennet’s character and think he and Edie are definitely compatible.

  3. I can’t believe it’s almost August either! Who approved time passing this fast?! But also, bring on the cooler temps and rain for this Texas girl!

    1. I love the idea of soulmates, and believe there is someone you’re meant to be with, but I also believe you can hit it off with a myriad of personalities, interests, and opposite compliments in a relationship. It’s more about the TYPE of person that suits you and vice versa that narrows the individual down to becoming “your person”.

    2. I was surprised by Rae’s secret but also loved it because I wanted Edie to separate herself from the “fate of it all” to be with someone she didn’t question all the time! And I feel like it went with Rae’s confident/self assured personality.

    3. So glad she ended up with Bennett! I didn’t know if it would be him or maybe even back to Jonah in the middle of the book, the way she kept comparing her love of him vs Theo. But come on, Theo was great, just not… “it” for Edie. Love her and Bennett’s match, and that it still tied into Gloria’s prediction of his own grandparents!

    I’ve been wanting to dip my toe in the Elin Hilderbrand pool (never read one of hers before) and Hotel Nantucket sounds so good. I’m happy with any selection for August, they are always good!

  4. 1. I agree with Melissa! Not sure about soulmates or fate like Gloria predicted, but that God has a plan for each of us.

    2. Was so relieved Rae told Edie about meeting Max before her predicted date. It gave her permission to think differently. Otherwise she would have tried to make it work with Theo & given up her dreams of marriage & family.

    3. LOVED it!! It was perfect!
    I was rooting for Edie & Bennett the whole time.

    August ideas ~
    The Bodyguard
    Dream On by A. Hockman
    Nora Goes Off Script

  5. Oh I almost forgot…how about Book Lovers, The Bodyguard or Just Another Love Song (out 8/2) for our August book? All are on my TBR list xo

  6. 1. Edie was very committed to the idea of finding her soulmate on the day Grandma Gloria predicts. Do you believe in soulmates?

    I do believe there is someone we are meant to be with in the great plan of God’s design, but not necessarily in the way Grandma’s predictions suggest.

    2. What did you think of Rae’s revelation and how would you feel if you were Edie?

    I don’t think I would have had a problem with the fact that her prediction date wasn’t what I thought, just that she had not told me the truth the whole time. The family was so focused on the dates each of them were given, it seemed like a big secret to keep…especially for twins.

    3. What did you think of Edie getting together with Bennett at the end of the book?
    Loved it! It’s been a while since I’ve read a book where I wanted the main character couple to break up more, so I was thrilled when Edie figured it out and ended up with Bennett!

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