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Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters

  1. I wanted to pop on and say a quick THANK YOU for choosing me as the winner of the month for March’s book club selection. I can’t wait to dig into Tweet Cute! Thank you again!!! I am so thrilled to be part of this awesome group!

  2. To start I loved this book and then re-watched “you’ve got mail” because it put me in such a rom com mood.

    Favorite Meet Cute would be Annette and her sly, yet adorable ways to set up Ben and Evie.

    Ben…100% always

    I felt Evie was most brave when she had the courage to claim HER SCRIPT as her own. It was driving me insane that Ezra was plagiarizing her work. Those were her words lived out from her life. I was satisfied with the book when credit was given to Evie.

  3. 1. The coffee shop scene had me literally laughing out loud. It was so unexpected and you could imagine each terrible moment happening. I also loved the book scene where Evie and Ezra were planting numbers in books. The tension between them was great!

    2. Of course, we all like Ben….but I was rooting for Ezra once he let his tender dog dad side show over the holidays. I felt like he genuinely was interested in Evie for good reasons at that point in the story and I loved that he showed up to rescue her when the other meet cute was going so very very wrong. Things definitely turned ugly at the end of the story. I’m glad we got to see the sweet sides of Ben. I think he, Annette and Evie will make a very sweet family.

    3. Standing up to Monty and Ezra was brave….but admitting to your friends when you messed up and weren’t there for them is just as brave if not braver in some cases. Evie let her friends down several times and I think going through the whole hen do weekend when she knew she had messed things up also required some level of bravery too.

    I really loved this book! It was funny and had me guessing which guy Evie would end up with at the end. And the nods to so many romcoms made it even more fun. Great book club pick!

  4. Can’t wait to discuss!!!!

    1. What was your favorite meet cute?
    It’s a tie between the car ride to Sheffield with Graeme or when Annette catfished/Sleepless in Seattle’d Evie. The disastrous car ride had me laughing and the texts from “Ben” really had me hopeful for Evie to see who really liked her!

    2. Who were you rooting for to be Evie’s love interest?
    I really do like Ben and am so glad Evie is with him, but there was a large section of the book where I was hoping Ezra was really better than a NOB- his character was so disappointingly awful. I really liked that I couldn’t really see who she’d end up with until the end!

    3. What was Evie’s bravest moment?
    Between Evie quitting her job (after 7 years, thats got to feel scary!), showing up at the Sam-and-Max final meeting to take credit for her work, and then allowing herself to be her own agent (!!!) mindBLOWN. SO glad Evie grew into a more confident person in writing, her career, and her personal life/relationship with Ben!

    • Amelia, I had the same feelings about Ezra! I wanted him to be that hidden gem….like that jerky exterior was hiding someone so sweet. I felt like the premier meet cute was so wrong and out of step. Ezra went from such potential to the bad guy so fast. It was disappointing.

  5. 1. What was your favorite meet cute?
    I literally laughed out loud during the initial coffee spill mostly, because of the girl with the egg allergy and how quickly it spiraled out of control! And then of course the end with Ben and the movie. Such a perfect rom-com-esque ending.

    2. Who were you rooting for to be Evie’s love interest?
    Totally Ben! There were moments when I wondered if Ezra was going to turn over a new leaf, but I was always rooting for Ben.

    3. What was Evie’s bravest moment?
    I think Evie’s bravery was always on display–I don’t know that I could have gone on that many meet cute set-ups! But ultimately discovering her worth and quitting her job was the big moment. I think the little displays of courage along the way as she continued to put herself in new and awkward situations added up to her being able to do something big like leave her job.

  6. 1. What was your favorite meet cute? The coffee shop for sure, TOO good.

    2. Who were you rooting for to be Evie’s love interest? BEN! Omg, loved him from the start.

    3. What was Evie’s bravest moment? I think knowing when she was being taken advantage of in her career and seeing her worth.

    This book was everything & more, I absolutely loved it!

  7. 1. What was your favorite meet cute?
    I think my favorite meet cute was when Evie drove with the drunk guy home during Christmas. I was laughing at every page. I wanted to fill bad for Evie, but she was so committed to get the meet cutes for NOB, that this proved she was willing to do whatever she could and then to top it all off, NOB had to be the one to save her from the car issues. (Insert eye roll here). He was just playing Mr. Nice NOB, but instead was Mr. Fake NOB.

    2. Who were you rooting for to be Evie’s love interest?
    BEN! Although for a short period of time I thought NOB was going to be the one Evie ended up with.. I was so thankful she didn’t though because I felt like NOB just wanted to change who she truly was throughout the book, but with Ben he liked her for who she was-crazy job and everything!

    3. What was Evie’s bravest moment?
    For me it’s a tie between, standing up for herself at the end to Monte/NOB and calling Ben with her clogged toilet filled with cake (from NOB) and a vibrator. I mean WOAH, two totally different ways of being brave (one work related and one personal). I think by calling Ben that gave her more confidence to stand up to Monte/NOB in the end. I think in life one experience of stepping out and being brave can really give us confidence to take an even bigger step on a greater issue.

  8. 1. What was your favorite meet cute?
    My favorite meet cute was the erotic book club!! I thought it was hilarious the guy she was hoping to connect with ended up being the author. I loved she ended up going back and making friends. A close second is the ride sharing meet cute with the guy that ended up being an alcoholic with a gas problem (to me this showed how hard the dating world is and how difficult it can be to meet a normal person)

    2. Who were you rooting for to be Evie’s love interest?
    Maybe NOB if he remained as genuine as he seemed during ride sharing savior part, however, I was really rooting for Ben the whole time. I’m glad they had a commonality of being held back by grief, but both inspiring each other to be open to life and living again.

    3. What was Evie’s bravest moment?
    I have to say calling Ben to unclog the toilet knowing there was a vibrator in there. That would be a tough one to explain, and knowing no matter how true the explanation was how it was going to look. The second was quitting her job and standing up to a boss that she allowed to walk all over her. The third was having to face her friend Sarah after ruining her hen do AND her wedding cake…both are very expensive!!

    I loved the book!! Super cute idea to include all wonderful RomCom meet cutes…I really enjoyed the dialogue between Evie and her friends…especially Jeremy 🙂

  9. 1. What was your favorite meet cute?
    The first one because it was so crazy it had me laughing out loud!

    2. Who were you rooting for to be Evie’s love interest?
    Definitely Ben! Although, in the beginning I thought maybe NOB would turn out to be decent. By the end though I was definitely team Ben.

    3. What was Evie’s bravest moment?
    Showing up to the meeting with the producers and telling them that she was the writer. I was so proud of her! And proud of NOB for standing up for her at that point too.

  10. 1. What was your favorite meet cute?
    There were so many that it’s hard to pick! I did love the first one in the coffee shop since it was not only hilarious, but went so horribly wrong that it set the tone for the rest of the meet cutes (Not to mention this is where we were introduced to Ben!). Although what NOB did to Evie was cruel, I appreciated the premier meet cute in that Evie truly learned how beautiful and strong she was on her own and as she already was. Had it not been for that meet cute she may not have been able to resolve her feelings of not being good enough that were caused by her relationship with Richie (let’s also all admit we were so happy to see Richie humiliated and put in his place), as well as to truly understand the depth of how far NOB was willing to go to get what he wanted.

    2. Who were you rooting for to be Evie’s love interest?
    BEN! From the moment Evie met him and Annette at Gil’s! I felt it was thoughtful that Ben and Evie coincided in growth and overcoming personal obstacles throughout the book, and Evie’s relationship with Annette was heartwarming. Her best characteristics came to light and influenced Annette in the greatest way possible for sure. It was also so sweet that Annette noticed the potential of a wonderful relationship between Ben and Evie from the get go and helped influence them finally getting together.

    3. What was Evie’s bravest moment?
    When she finally stood up to Monty and NOB! I fully agree with Lindsay that Monty underestimated Evie and never expected her to leave, especially since he threatened to sabotage her career. The ending could not have been more perfect that she had full ownership of her script with a movie deal, and that Ben and Annette were so involved in that coming to fruition.

  11. 1. What was your favorite meet cute?
    There were so many great ones, but I really liked the book club one – it seriously had me laughing out loud!!

    2. Who were you rooting for to be Evie’s love interest?
    Ben. From the first introduction, though, like Stacy & Melissa said above, I really enjoyed the *possibility* of another interest was – it kept things exciting!

    3. What was Evie’s bravest moment?
    I absolutely loved when she stuck up for herself on her script and quit her assistant job. It was a really great moment and showed her progression and how far she came from the beginning of the book where she would drop anything for Monty.

    GREAT read – so happy to join you girls! Can’t wait to find out about next month’s selection… happy I found this happy space of internet!! 🙂

  12. 1. What was your favorite meet cute?
    The final one that Ben planned for Evie

    2. Who were you rooting for to be Evie’s love interest?
    Ben – 100%

    3. What was Evie’s bravest moment?
    When Evie showed up to the meeting with everyone there and she stood up for the content that she had created and she wasn’t going to let anyone take that away from her.

  13. 1. What was your favorite meet cute?
    That’s tough! I loved the whole concept of this! The first one with the coffee spill immediately hooked me so I loved that, and I think the road trip back to her hometown was very funny, and I liked that you kind of started to question if it would be NOB, with the dog and getting to see another side of him. The one I would be most likely to do though would be the book one. I actually put my brother’s phone number inside a drawer in an end table in a coffee shop once (not trying to get him a date just being annoying) and someone did text him! Not for a date though haha.

    2. Who were you rooting for to be Evie’s love interest?
    100% Ben, and I was so happy that it turned out that way, but I liked that for awhile there was another possibility so that it wasn’t too predictable. That first scene with Ben and Annette talking to Evie after that failed meet cute was too cute, and I thought to myself how mad I would be if they didn’t end up together. I love loved every scene in Gil’s with the three of them, it just made me so happy, and I picture them going there as a happy family.

    3. What was Evie’s bravest moment?
    So, I feel so much for Evie, because I think we are pretty similar. I think doing the meet cutes at all was pretty brave, but every time she spoke up for herself she got braver. Definitely the last one where she stood up for her rights for her script and quit her job was so brave. I loved how surprised Monty was because he assumed she would never stand up for herself, and that he had that control over her. I liked the parallel of Evie’s development and how she became more brave to write and not take anything from Monty or NOB or anyone, and Ben had to become brave enough to come back to his true passion of photography again, and how both of those things coincided with them being emotionally ready to be together/ i n a relationship. One of my favorite quotes about bravery ever is “…Brave people bear up under their circumstances and do their best. There’s a whole world of brave people out there, all trying to muddle through.” (Phillapa Howell, The Light Between Worlds). I think this quote really reminds me Evie and Ben and their journey to being more brave every day.

  14. 1. What was your favorite meet cute?
    I loved the one Anette set up for Evie and her dad at the play. Even though it wasn’t an original plan by Evie, I thought it was so sweet Anette was scheming to work some magic for them.

    2. Who were you rooting for to be Evie’s love interest?
    I agree with Stacey’s comment above. I wanted NOB to be more than what he seemed on the surface and there were glimpses of that person scattered throughout the book (especially the Christmas vacation portion), but in the end when Ben came to fix her plumbing I knew he had to be the one.

    3. What was Evie’s bravest moment?
    For me, it’s a tie between her quitting her assistant job and when she opened herself up to Ben at the end. Both took such courage in different ways. She knew what she wanted professionally and personally and allowed herself to open her heart up for both.

  15. 1. What was your favorite meet cute?
    I have two for different reasons. I loves the premier meet cute for she got to be pampered and then she was able to realize the true character of NOB. I would have thought the dog at Christmas was great but not after finishing the book. My second favorite is the movie at the end. It worked out so well. She showed up when she was supposed to and everything was setup for her to see the favorite movie alone.

    2. Who were you rooting for to be Evie’s love interest?
    At first I wanted the whirlwind celebrity to be different from what people see. But I loved Annette and felt there was a guard up around Ben. I quickly started rooting for him.

    3. What was Evie’s bravest moment?
    I think Evie’s bravest moment was quitting her job. She could have easily just took what they were handing her but she found the courage to stand up for herself.

  16. Can’t wait to discuss!!!!

    1. What was your favorite meet cute?
    The original coffee spill is just TOO hilarious.

    2. Who were you rooting for to be Evie’s love interest?
    BEN all. the. way. Loved him from the start!

    3. What was Evie’s bravest moment?
    When Evie walked into her office and quit. She found her courage and it was so satisfying!

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