DIY Barrettes & Velvet Hair Bows | 

It’s all about the hair accessories!

Okay, I’ll admit it”¦ I’m 100% addicted to Girls’ Craft Night. It’s my favorite thing as of late and the night I most look forward to all month long. There is just nothing better than a night with your best girls, a bottle of champagne or two, and some good old fashioned crafting.


DIY Barrettes & Velvet Hair Bows |


I’m actually hosting a holiday craft night on Friday at my house so I knew I had to get this post up ASAP from our November get together”¦ because I can already tell that our December craft is going to be a good one. I’ve convinced my mom to come and teach us all her cross-stitching ways. There will even be twice the number of people and it’s shaping up to be a night to remember!


DIY Barrettes & Velvet Hair Bows |


A few weeks ago we decided to keep in theme with last time’s DIY decorated Gucci-inspired flats and keep going with more accessories. We found a few inspirational photos on Pinterest and collectively decided on hair barrettes and bows! I love this craft because not only was it super easy but it was really fun to see what everyone came up with.


DIY Barrettes & Velvet Hair Bows |
My sister, Kyla!


DIY Barrettes & Velvet Hair Bows |


I ordered my supplies from Amazon and totally lucked out when I found these clear barrettes. They ended up making the perfect base. I then found tiny Swarovski crystals and velvet ribbon which rounded out my craft supply list. I already had the glue from last craft night”¦ and I used a pair of craft tweezers to set the stones. The stone setting was a little tedious, but overall it ended up being the easiest craft of all time!


Betsy & Danielle Picking out Ribbon!
Kyla's velvet bow!Kyla’s finished bow!


Most of the girls made multiple hair accessories throughout the night, but I walked away with just one. Although, honestly, I’m kind of obsessed with it, so it was well worth it.


DIY Barrettes & Velvet Hair Bows |


Supplies Needed:


Swarovski Crystals

Velvet Ribbon

Rhinestone Glue


DIY Barrettes & Velvet Hair Bows | www.ashleybrookedesigns.comCourtney opted for needle work instead! So cute!
DIY Barrettes & Velvet Hair Bows |


If all of this seems a little too old fashioned to you, that makes three of us. But just to encourage you, the next time you have a free night on your calendar, call up your best girls, grab your hot glue guns and get together! I pinky promise it will be a night to remember.


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