Ashley Brooke talks painting her kitchen green and picking the perfect color.

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DIY Kitchen Renovation: So. Many. Options.

Let’s talk cabinet paint, shall we?! If you are new here, Ryan and I are (mostly!) DIY-ing a MAJOR kitchen renovation (you can catch up here)! We are so excited about this project, and to be completely honest with you, it has been YEARS in the making.

When we started to dream up our kitchen, we knew that we wanted to paint our existing kitchen cabinets. Our cabinets are beautiful hardwood, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with them. They were plain and a little low, but we fixed that, but ultimately not something we wanted to live with long term.

left to right:
Yarmouth Blue // Wythe Blue // Woodlawn Blue // Kittery Point Green // Sherwood Green // Salisbury Green // Hollingsworth Green // Wedgewood Gray

Before the Paint

One of the first things we did when starting the renovation was raise the upper cabinets up an 1 1/2 inches. You wouldn’t believe the difference it made. Then Ryan added crown molding, a light rail, under cabinet lighting, and a custom refrigerator enclosure (DIY on that coming soon!). We gave our current cabinets a makeover and MAN DO THEY LOOK GOOD. Exactly how we wanted to start our kitchen redo (right down to the cabinet hardware, but more on that later!).

We kept all of our original island cabinets and even added in a few extra cabinets that Ryan is going to custom fit into the redesigned kitchen island! We were trying to be responsible with resources and save money and upcycle when at all possible. This is a budget friendly kitchen remodel, as much as we can help it!

So with that being said, painting the cabinets was the perfect option!

After reaching out to a few friends, I was given a recommendation to a wonderful cabinet painter. Out of all the things we’ve DIY-ed in our life, we both felt like painting the cabinets just wasn’t one of our gifts, ha! So we decided this and the flooring were best outsourced. We fell in love with Jamie (the cabinet painter) as soon as we met. She has helped us TREMENDOUSLY along the way. I text her kitchen questions every day. She and her entire team do all the kitchen things, and she’s been so sweet to take Ryan and me under her wing! She loves that we’re scrappy and has encouraged us to tackle projects we’ve been terrified of, like knocking down that column. If you are in central Florida and need a kitchen gal, email me… I’ll send her info your way! 😉

Finding the Perfect Green Paint

A few months ago, I polled y’all on cabinet colors, because I was REALLY leaning towards green and I wasn’t sure if I was crazy or not… but we decided to GO for it! But the road to finding the perfect cabinet color is long and not for the faint of heart.

I think we tested over 20 colors; Stacie helped us find a good set of colors, and we mulled it over for weeks. But I just kept coming back to green. Once we decided on green, then we tested 10 different greens. I mean guys, I felt like we HAD to get this right.

One of the things we did that was extremely helpful in my opinion was test on large pieces of wood! The little pieces just were NOT doing it for me. Ryan had some old wood laying around, so he cut it into a bunch of smaller pieces for me to test. It worked out great because I was able to move the pieces around the room to see them in different light. I HIGHLY recommend doing this.

The colors we tested were:

Farrow and Ball:

Ash Grey // Teresa’s Green // Vert de Terre // Ball Green // Borrowed Light // Parma Gray

Benjamin Moore:

Wedgewood Gray // Yarmouth Blue // Wythe Blue // Woodlawn Blue // Kittery Point Green // Sherwood Green // Salisbury Green // Hollingsworth Green

Color Matching

I’m really glad we tried colors from a few different stores. We even had a handful of them color matched at The Home Depot to see how that looked as well… everything was an exact match! After many days of deliberating, we decided to go with:

Farrow and Ball’s Vert De Terre, the perfect green in my opinion.

(color matched at The Home Depot)

I cannot WAIT to see this kitchen continue to come to life over the next several weeks! We don’t fully consider ourselves legit kitchen designers yet, but we’re getting close. Stay tuned for much more!


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P.S. We are a part of a group of DIY Bloggers/YouTubers that are all working on projects throughout the year, so you’ll have to pop over to the #THDDoerProject to see everyone’s progress! Also, if you are working on a DIY use the hashtag #DoersChallenge so we can follow along!


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  1. Hi Ashley,

    Can you share the cabinet painter’s information? I’m local and looking to get my kitchen cabinets painted.


  2. Are you doing both upper and lower cabinets in the green? We are building a house and I want to paint the cabinets Benjamin Moore HC-118 Sherwood green. I originally thought of making uppers a light cream color, but I want plain countertop and don’t think I like the cream uppers where they come down on the countertop. I’m just not getting it right – so thinking of making uppers green as well. Thoughts?

  3. I stumbled on your blog because I’m about to do a kitchen reno and I SWEAR I looked at every single color you looked at except for Ash Gray. Following you now because I obviously share your taste. Out of curiosity, would you say your counter has warm or cool overtones? Thanks!

  4. Your blog helped me choose my kitchen colors!
    Do you have a link to the final kitchen?

    We chose BM OC-62 Pure white for the main cabinets, HC-139 Salisbury green for the island, and we have black granite counters throughout and black handles. We have a stone/travertine backsplash and i’m now wondering if we should leave as is for some contrast or paint white. What do you think?

  5. It’s a great source of knowledge; I think it will be helpful for lot of people who are looking for learning more about the diy kitchen renovation picking a cabinet color . Thank you very much for sharing this article was really looking forward for something like this. Found an another website it has lots of valuable information for everyone.

  6. Hi, Ashley! I’m looking into having Home Depot color match a Farrow & Ball paint as well. Do they have the paint color in their database, or did you have to bring in your wood paint sample? Thanks!

    • I just brought the colors in, they had a few in their data base! I’d just ask! I also bought sample from Farrow & Ball as well… I’m sure you could bring those in too!

  7. I love the color, Ashley!! I immediately went to the blog to see what color you picked because I kept picturing the green color MKR has on her cabinets in Waiting on Martha Everyday that I’ve always loved. The color you picked is similar and so pretty. The kitchen is going to look incredible!

  8. Oh yes! Love love love your color choice!!! It is so important to consider paint colors in different lighting. This is gonna be beautiful!

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