How To Make A DIY Lion Costume For Halloween

I love an easy sweatsuit costume!

Dreaming up Halloween costumes genuinely sparks *so* much joy for me, and I’ll definitely make them as long as Laurens let’s me… I’m sure there will be a day that the super hero costume is a bit out of my crafting skillset, so for now I’m living for these simple, cute, and comfy costumes! This DIY lion costume really came together so easily and you can do it, too, promise!

diy lion costume
blurry but sweet costume try-on!

Last year for Laurens’ first Halloween, I made a dinosaur costume out of a sweatsuit I found at H&M, a few pieces of felt, and some batting! It turned out so darn cute that I knew I wanted to make another one this year. He’s been obsessed with lions lately and “roars” all day long so I figured it was only fitting that this year would be the year of the lion (this book is most likely why!).

Honestly, it was so easy to make and far easier than the dinosaur in my opinion, so I wanted to share a quick step by step in case you too wanted to whip up a little lion for your little one!

Also, just note that I made this at like 10:30 PM at night, so the photos are kind of funny… but I think you’ll get the idea.

DIY Lion Costume

For this project you will need:

hooded sweatsuit (this one is so good too, for under $25)

hot glue gun & glue

fabric scissors

faux fur


Step One

Cut Out Hoodie Lining

I wanted the ears and tail to match the sweatsuit perfectly so instead of buying a second sweatsuit, I just cut out the lining of the hood to use the extra fabric. It worked perfectly!

* Just be careful not to cut the hoodie itself.

Step Two

Hot Glue Fur

Honestly, this was SO easy. I just cut a strip of fur and hot glued it to the rim of the hoodie! Could not have been easier.

Step Three

Add In Extra Pieces

Once the fur was fastened. I ended up cutting little extra pieces and placing them around the “mane” to fluff it up and make it not so perfect. You don’t have to do this, but it really made it pop in my opinion.

Step four

Make The Ears

Next I took little bits of the extra fabric and folded them until they started looking like ears! Not really sure how to explain it, but I just kept folding it until it worked. Then I glued them in place.

Step five

Make The Tail

With the rest of the extra fabric I made a little tail, and then turned the tube of fabric right-side out and I added more fur to the bottom of the tail and glued it to the back of the sweatsuit bottoms.

Super easy!

Step six

Felt Tummy

Lastly cut out a little rounded felt tummy and glue it on the center of the sweatshirt.

… and you are DONE!

diy lion costume
sweatsuit (another option here) // nursery rug (see full room here)

Like I said it’s fairly simple and far from perfect… but really fun! You’ll have to let me know if you try this one out. Also, I’ve linked a handful of really adorable store-bought costumes as well below, some of them are just too cute to pass up. So many fun things to be for Halloween!


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