Every once in a while I need a good refresher in Dog Etiquette…
I too have to keep Little Lucy in line!

11 Dog Manners Tips from BigPawsOnly.com

Dog Manners Tip #1: Always keep your dog on a leash when out in public. You never know what you might run into – another dog that just rubs old Rex wrong, or his favorite animal darting across the street. You don’t want you puppy running after him.

Dog Manners Tip #2: Never leave your dog in the car if its hot out. Even with the windows rolled down your pup could overheat. Your car is an oven under the sun.

Dog Manners Tip #3: It is inappropriate to bring your pet to a barbeque or party without him or her being invited. Even with family. Always check with the party host.

Dog Manners Tip #4: Always keep doggy bags on you at all times. You never know when you dog will want to go potty and you want to keep your neighborhood clean. No ones likes to step in poop.

Dog Manners Tip #5: If your dog gets out of line or unruly, stop and give him or her a time out. Your dog should always be on his best behavior to represent you and your breed in the best manner possible. If he continues, immediately leave and take him home. This will teach him through conditioning that only good behavior merits good long walks.

Dog Manners Tip #6: If your dog is in heat, don’t take her out in public. This only makes other dogs behave poorly and disturbs the enjoyment of you and others.

Dog Manners Tip #7: When walking through your neighborhood, do not let your pup pee on lawns and gardens. This can result in unsightly dead spots and many spend a lot of time creating those environments.

Dog Manners Tip #8: Do you have a dog that drools? Perhaps a Newfoundland? Keep a towel handy so that your dogs drool doesn’t get all over other pets and people. Some people genuinely get ill at the sight of slobber so keep it clean so that your pet is always ready for a good petting.

Dog Manners Tip #9: Do not let your dog swim in a pond that you yourself wouldn’t freely jump into. Many local harmless looking ponds become stagnant and could carry bacteria or disease. Also in some regions, there are alligators that would just love a friendly snack.

Dog Manners Tip #10: When traveling with your dog, staying at hotels and the like, do not let him behave as he would at home. Sure you are paying for the stay but it is not home and some are absolutely scared of dogs. It is best to presume that all folks are scared than to think otherwise. Do not let your dog bark as it can be stressful for all of those around you. If your dog is allowed at the hotel, it is because previous guests gave the same courtesy. Represent your breed and yourself and keep it open for the rest of us.

Dog Manners Tip #11: When hiking or back-packing, keep your dog under strict voice command whereby heel means heel and no means no. When running into other trail users always step away giving them the right away. Make sure your pet is clear away so that he doesn’t bother them trying to get a whiff of every passer-bye — he can smell them from afar. If you run into a horse and rider, again yield and be sure your dog is calm and collected. Any barking or aggressive movements can startle the horse and injure someone.

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