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Ball of Fun

I get a zillion questions about Dolly a day so I thought it would be fun to give you a little update on our best girl. 

As you may remember, we brought Dolly home a few months ago (you can read that whole story here) and we have been falling in love with her ever since. She is now almost 6 months old and has been more fun than we ever thought possible.

I grew up with dogs and I’m around pups all the time so I’m definitely not new at the pet game.  But Dolly is nothing like any other dog I have ever met. She is FULL of energy, constantly bouncing off the walls, we joke that her paws barely stay on the floor. She is fiercely loyal but doesn’t have separation anxiety. Even a friend of ours told me last week, “I’ve never seen a puppy with THAT much confidence before.” And I had to agree… it’s kind of funny honestly. 

She’s not the least bit prissy and would love nothing more than to roll around in the dirt all day long. So don’t let those bows fool you! She can play fetch for hours and is obsessed with toys. We often find her sleeping on top of a handful of her favorites. 

When we picked her up from the breeder Ryan gave her a tiny little yellow ducky and to this day she walks around with it like a pacifier when she’s sleepy (I can’t make this stuff up) and will even take it with her outside if it’s really early in the morning or extra late at night. She also brings it to every single person who walks in our door. It’s her prized possession and it’s precious. 

We call her Ditzy Dolly becuase shes just always happy looking for the next best way to have fun but definitely not going to Ivey league school any time soon, if you get my drift… 😉 she’s a people pleaser to the max and loves harder than any puppy I’ve ever seen. 

Clearly, we adore her and if you are looking for a puppy I can not recommend this breed (Havashu) enough. We totally lucked out with her and our hearts grow bigger every day we are around her. She’s the best thing that happened to us this year and we are so grateful for her contagious fun!

I laugh, because if we love her this much, what will happen when we have kids??… I think our chests will explode from all the love.  

So, now that you have the update, let’s move on to her swag!


Dolly’s Favorite Things

After a few months of getting to know each other, we’ve finally figured one another out! Below are a list of our favorite things from bows (duh) to the bell we used to potty train her! I hope this list is helpful for you wether you have a new puppy or a best friend you’ve had for years!

Tiny Dog Bows

I can not get over these tiny bows! I order them from Ebay, and Dolly really doesn’t mind them at all, although it does take two of us to put them in. But it’s WELL worth the effort.

Buy Here

Tricky Trainers Treats

Dolly now knows how to sit, shake, stay, and dance (stand on hind legs) because of these treats. She LOVES them and can’t get enough. I love how tiny they are so, I never feel bad giving her a handful! Hands down her favorite of all the treats we’ve tried.

Buy Here

The Potty Training Bell

First off, watching Dolly learn how to ring this thing when we first brought her home was almost too cute to handle! She was definitely nervous at first, but now has the TOTAL hang of it. She loves it and uses all day! If you do one thing with a new puppy, do this. It worked like a charm.

Buy Here

Wet Brush

Don’t spend money on an expensive dog brush like I did, because most likely they will hate it no matter what! After fighting with her the first few baths I finally gave up and used my wet brush on her and she instantly calmed down. Now it’s hers and I bought myself a new one. Totally worth it. 

Buy Here

“Ducky” – Kong Duck Toy

This is the aforementioned “ducky”, her best friend. We have purchased a spare ducky just in case, God-forbid, we loose the original. I’m not sure what she’d do!

Buy Here

Portable Dog Bowl

Are you sick of me talking about this thing yet?! Ha! Seriously though, it’s changed our walks. I love this little contraption so much and so does Dolly! You HAVE to check it out. Game changer for sure.

Buy Here

Your New Puppy Podcast

When we had picked out Dolly but were waiting to take her home (we had to wait a few weeks) we started prepping for her by listening to this podcast. It had been so long since I’d trained a puppy and Ryan hadn’t ever trained a puppy, so we knew we had to seek out professional guidance. Our former dog, Lucy, was perfect in every way to us, but she did have some major anxiety that would debilitate her at times. My biggest fear with getting Dolly is that she too would be afraid of everything. 

This podcast gave us some really great tips on potty, crate, and behaverial training that we still use every single day. And I’m happy to say that they all worked! 

She enjoys her crate and is perfectly potty trained (unless OVERLY excited) and for the most part listens to commands. This really was such a help in the beginning. 

Listen Here

Hopefully you enjoyed the update and the tips/product list is helpful! Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or have any great advice. Please share! 

Also, if you are nuts like me and are obsessed with dog instagrams, feel free to give Dolly a follow! 😉 @hellolittledolly


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  1. That portable dog bowl is perfect! We take our Boston Terrier to the dog park often so this would be essential for us.

    Dolly has to be THE cutest dog!

    • Shannon, you HAVE to order one! I’m telling you we use it every day now, and it’s been a total game changer!

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