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Okay, before you go any further… are you sitting down?! Because Dolly really showed up for this shoot and seriously worked her angles, and some of these shots are hilarious! Narrowing them down to only 5 images was increadibly difficult. She brought her A-game and I’m pretty sure it’s because of her love for her Super Chewer

Dolly is almost 10 months old and has always been, from the day we brought her home, a chewer, some may even say a super chewer. Even though Dolly has her many flaws (like stealing socks, eating dryer sheets, and her gnat like attention span) her good qualities WAY outweigh the bad. And one of my favorite things about her is her love for toys. I have never in my life seen a dog love toys quite like Dolly. 

She has not once chewed anything she wasn’t supposed to, no shoes or furniture and I accredit it to her love of toys. She sleeps in her crate at night and the second we open the door int he morning she bolts out straight for her toy box. No hello! good morning! how ya’ doing?! it’s all business and straight in to that toy box to grab her favorite toy of the day. 

She has 2 toys she plays with at night, we joke and call them her security blankets. Same two toys, the stuffed squirrel and duck but during the day she plays with the ENTIRE contents of her toy box. She dumps it out first thing in the morning and doesn’t stop all day. So as you can imagine buying chew toys for her is on the top of our priority list, because a busy Dolly is a happy Dolly… and trust me when she gets bored, nothing good happens! 

We were frequenting pet supply stores more than I’d like to admit trying to find something new that would keep her entertained for more than a few minutes. She was chewing through those big braided dog bones in a half a day and I was staring to get concerned when I heard about Super Chewer. I’d heard about Bark Box before and head rave reviews, but it wasn’t until I heard about the Super Chewer Box when I said “sold!”. This fun box comes once a month filled to the brim with treats and toys, and I’m not lying, it’s Dolly’s favorite day of the entire month! She barks and howls at the counter until I let her pick a toy. It’s hilarious! 

Each Super Chewer Box comes with two chew toys, two meaty chews, and 2 bags of wheat, soy, and corn free treats. The boxes are customized to your dog’s weight and perfectly personalized to her needs. It’s legit Dolly heaven, and to be honest, it’s mine too! I love seeing her so happy, occupied, and not to mention it saves me a trip to the pet store every week. You can sign up for as low as $29 a month!

Wether you are looking for the perfect gift to give this season, or your like me and have a very very busy pup… I promise you will love Super Chewer!

Bark Box Review | 1

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  1. oh my gosh…..she is just precious!!! Where was Super Chewer when I had all my dogs???? I’ve always had large dogs so wherever they lay their head, something gets chewed. Like the bottom rungs of chairs, shoes, the side of a dresser, you get the jist. I’m thinking of ordering this for my daughter’s pit bull. They just can’t keep the toys in his “toy basket” because he’s afraid to put his head in to get anything out. And yes, I said a pit bull. He’s just a scared knucklehead! Please keep sharing pictures of Dolly!!

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