Ashley Brooke's dog Dolly in her new "dog house"

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We figured it was only fair that Dolly also get a house upgrade during our own major remodel, and she couldn’t be happier with her refreshed living quarters! Dolly has slept in a crate since day one. Crate training her was the best thing we ever did. Our former sweet dog Lucy, had SEVERE (honestly crippling) separation anxiety and it is something I wanted to curb with the best of my abilities with Dolly, if at all possible. So we decided to crate train her. I wanted her to have a place to go when she was scared or anxious, a place that was always safe, and two years in I’m happy to say she loves her “home”.

She’s been sleeping in a plastic travel crate since the day we brought her home and even though we still use it when we take her on car rides, we thought it was high time for something a little more aesthetically pleasing!

Ashley Brooke's dog Dolly in her new "dog house"
Ashley Brooke's dog Dolly in her new "dog house"

After doing a little digging online we landed on this adorable wooden crate. A s soon as it came in she hopped right in it and was in HEAVEN! Honestly it was hysterical. It’s a lot more room than she’s used to having, but more than that, the novelty of it just made her so happy. She will now just run in it if you say “Dolly get in your house”… and it’s pretty darn cute!

Ashley Brooke's dog Dolly in her new "dog house"

We tricked it out with a fancy Serta orthopedic crate mat and a cozy blanket. Serta reached out when they saw her new home on Stories and sent it over for her… at first I thought, this can’t be any better than any other random crate mat, but it’s actually really great and she seems extra happy in her new home! Plus I just feel better knowing she is safe and sound.

I’d love to know what your pet’s accommodations are like in the comments! For now here’s where to find Dolly’s setup!


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  1. My Penny’s accommodations are anywhere I am…..on the bed, on the couch, etc. And I wouldn’t have it any other way! Not much causes her anxiety. She likes to be able to see out the window.

  2. I love the new crate. Much more cozy than the standard. We also crate trained our dog for naps and overnight but never more than 4 hours during the day with the door closed. For the last 10 years we haven’t had to use a crate unless there are people over. Guests were feeding him things he shouldn’t have (vet visits, UGH). Now that he’s 15 1/2 years old we have beds (no crate) in every room that are orthopedic and I use a children’s character throw blanket (Walmart or Target) for warmth and snuggles. Spider-Man, Captain America, Baby Shark to name a few. DISCLAIMER: I will say that some pups should not have a blanket as they tear them up and eat them and it can be dangerous. Please know your pup before allowing the blanket. I use to have a great BIG lab and if there was a zipper or Velcro on that bed it was ripped up every time I left the house. She would even rip up carpet or rug. (Her collar got caught in the carpet)

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