Just like every family had different traditions for Thanksgiving, every family has their own dress code for the day as well.  Whether it’s “Sunday Best” or jeans and boots, know before you go.  There is nothing more embarrassing than showing up at an event in the wrong dress code.  If you are a guest, when you call the RSVP, politely ask your hostess what the typical dress code is.  If you are a hostess, consider putting the dress on the invitation or understand that people may call with this question.

Although table manners should be customary at every meal, Thanksgiving, especially requires all your manners be in top shape.  Elbows should be off the table, proper use of utensils should be in play and as dishes are passed around, you should take a little bit of each one.  Attempt to try everything but do not take a ridiculous amount of mashed potatoes just because its your favorite.

My first Thanksgiving meal went fantastically by the way!  Thanks to those of you on twitter who sent me some encouragement while I cooked ALLLL day!!


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