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My New Best Friend

I’ve been working with L’Oreal for about six months now, and my heart has loved every day of those six months because there is little I love more in life than beauty products. I truly believe it’s the little things that can really make you feel pretty, like a brighter shade of pink lipstick or a new brown pencil that has changed your brow game. So any time I get the opportunity to talk about beauty products I have found and loved, I want to tell you about them ASAP! 


Blogger Ashley Brooke's Review of L'Oreal's Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo


While working with L’Oreal, I get to try out the latest and the greatest products and tell you about my favorites! I usually spend a little extra time on Saturday morning trying out a new product and really seeing how it works. If I like the product, then it says in my make-up drawer or bathroom counter until it inevitably makes it here, on the blog, for me to sing it’s praises. And this new dry shampoo is SAVING MY LIFE

I’ve been dying for L’Oreal to come out with a dry shampoo, because I think we can all agree that dry shampoo is made in heaven and filled with angel and miracle dust. But, as I’m sure you know, not all dry shampoos are the same. Some leave that icky film in your hair, or a white residue, or just make it smell funny. You know what I mean… it’s almost like a Fabreez smell for your hair, eh. But, this Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo is magic! Even Ryan came up and gave me a hug last week and said “your hair smells really good, new shampoo?” I just giggled, because I hadn’t washed my hair in 2 days! The scent is fresh, but not trying-too-hard fresh, and it truly works wonders



My hair is extra blond and extra fine, so most dry shampoos make my hair look dull and ashy. I pinky promise this one doesn’t! I’ve even started using it even on days when I have washed my hair. It works really great to give me more volume and texture, which is really great when you are wanting to do something fun, like a braid

And the best thing about this amazing product…. it’s legit $6.99. You are welcome, friends. 

But seriously, try it out and let me know what you think! I’d love to know if you are as obsessed as I am! Also, this week I’m going to be trying the shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask that is in this same line. Stay tuned for an update on those products as well!

Ashley Brooke is a L’Oreal League Ambassador, and this post was created in Partnership with L’Oreal Paris.

The L’Oreal League sponsorship is a paid program.


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  1. Where did you find the L’Oreal extraordinary Clay dry shampoo? I have searched on the Internet and went to Target, but I cannot find it please let me know I would like to try it

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