Ashley Brooke and her sewing machine

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I Forgot How Much Fun This Is!

Okay, so full disclosure, this is Ryan’s sewing machine. That’s right, this is my husband’s sewing machine. The man can tailor his own clothes and sew like my grandmother. It’s actually extremely impressive… and really cute if you ask me! Ryan’s mom taught all of her sons (all SEVEN!!) how to sew when they were going up, and it’s one of the many things I love about him.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I was putting things away and saw Ryan’s sewing machine and thought, you know what, “I CAN SEW, TOO!” Maybe not as well, actually not nearly as well, but good enough. And I figured it was time to dust off my skills!

Ashley Brooke sewing napkins on her sewing machine
Ashley Brooke with her sewing machine
Etsy is my favorite place to find pretty fabrics:

If you are looking for pretty fabrics to give you a little inspiration, try Etsy! I’ve found so many pretty things!

My mom is an excellent seamstress and made TONS of our clothes while growing up. I spent many a summer in sewing camps, so I figured it would be like riding a bike, and I was right! I had totally forgotten just how much fun (and relaxing!) sewing is. Plus, I love having Ryan around when I get myself into a pickle… he’s about to quite literally untangle me, ha!

Ashley Brooke tells where to buy the best fabric
Ashley Brooke's Sewing Machine

Anyway, it’s been so much fun and I have loved having a project to look forward to, I’ve been sewing masks for our local hospital and friends who are in the medical field (using this template and this video, both I got from Carly’s post!) and it’s been so rewarding. It’s nice to feel like you are actually DOING something helpful. I’ve also made a few napkins and I’ve started thinking about dabbling with patterns and maybe even making some baby clothes for my niece!

A Few Affordable Sewing Machines

Ours is the Brother JX2517, but there are quite a few out there that look just as good, especially for beginners!

But ALL of this to say, sewing is so much fun PLUS a valued life skill. Our machine is under a $100 and works like a charm… I’m so happy we have it! If you are looking for fun project to do by yourself or to do with your kids, I can’t recommend sewing enough! And just think, if Ryan’s mom can teach all seven of her boys how to tailor their own clothes then truly ANYTHING is possible! ha!

P.S. I found this tutorial helpful: How to Sew for Beginners.


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  1. There are so many wonderful sewing blogs out there and wonderful downloadable patterns as well. I have basically taught myself how to sew by watching you tube videos and following sewing blogs. It’s so creative and relaxing as well as challenging at times. You can find the cutest clothing patterns and tons of great fabrics online. Have fun and enjoy it!

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