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It’s All About The Tape! 

I like to think I know what I’m doing when it comes to arranging flowers… but in all reality it’s tough and it can be way more art than science! But I have picked up a few helpful tricks over the years that I tend to use over and over again, and it makes all the difference!

One of them is using regular old scotch tape. I’m not even sure where I picked this up, it’s been so long… maybe Pinterest?! I don’t know, but this tap trick is my favorite and most used floral arrangement tool. 

Putting together flowers in a regular vase is pretty easy. The flowers usually hold themselves up, but when it comes to arranging in those pretty bowl vases… it can be REAL tricky! The flowers never stand upright and always end up flopping over. For a while I stopped putting flowers in bowl vases because I couldn’t figure out how the rest of the world was doing it so flawlessly, but now… I know… It’s TAPE!

Scroll on down to see how it’s done! 


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What You Need:

  1. Flowers (duh)
  2. Scotch Tape
  3. Scissors
  4. Vase

Let’s Get Started:

Measure out the length of your bowl and cut tape accordingly. I just so happened to have pretty thick tape, so I then cut my measured tape pieces right down the center… this will make 4 pieces of tape in total. 

You can of course use more tape for a larger bowl, but this is what I like to use for my 6 inch bowl vases.


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Once you have your pieces of tape, attach them in a grid like fashion around the bowl. Make sure your tape is secure on the sides of the bowl, you don’t want your tape popping off as you arrange your flowers.


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Once your grid is on, cut down your flowers and start with the smallest flowers first and work your way up. *

*Side note: I’m not sure if this is technically the florist-approved way to do it, but it works for me… so give it a whirl!


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Flower Selection:

It can be tricky when it comes down to coordinating flowers for an arrangement. I have made some very poor flower choices in the past and have laughed once I had put them all together, so now I follow a few rules:

  1. Pick your statement flower and go from there! For this arrangement I chose sunflowers, which means that the arrangement needs to focused on warmer tones. So I chose flowers around that. 
  2. Choose flowers that are in the same tonal range or that are color wheel opposites for maximum punch! Like this arrangement I did for Betsy’s baby shower… I mostly used baby pink with pops of yellow. But for this post,  I chose with pinks and a yellow-y oranges! (that orange thistle-like flower is called Safflower)
  3. ALWAYS grab more greenery! If a flower already looks like it has a lots of leaves on it, don’t count on that showing in the finished arrangement! I strip the flowers of most of their leaves before I start arranging them… so the flowers that look lush and full to begin with start to look a little scarce once there leaves are gone! The greenery acts as a less expensive filler and also gives the arrangement texture! 


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… Okay, Back to Arranging.

Place your flowers inside the grid and they will stay perfectly upright… as you play around with your arrangement! I like to put the flowers in, spin it around and make adjustments! No arrangement is ever perfect, so play around with it and have fun! 


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Once you’ve placed all of your smaller flowers in, it’s now time for your statement flowers! I like sunflowers, peonies, garden roses, and hydrangeas! Each stem makes a BIG impact which I love!


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Once everything is placed I add in water and voila,  you have the perfectly imperfect flower arrangement you’ve always wanted! 

Do you have any helpful do’s and don’ts when it comes to arranging flowers? Leave a comment and let me know!




Photographed by: Danielle Nichol Photography 







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  1. I agree with that, flower vases in home make nice impressions on others. I always try to make a flower vase for my home, but I did not get better guidance for that. You explained step by step procedure to make flower by own-self. I will utilize this procedure to make a flower vase in my house.

  2. Hi Ashley! My name is Nandini and I from India. I was browsing through floral arrangements and I came across your site. And I am hooked!

    Congratulations on such an amazing website! I am generally drawn to wild organic arrangement of flowers. And I absolutely loved your summer floral arrangements. I recently did one using Aster flowers, that are easily available in India.

    Consider me a converted fan of your site! Cheers!

    • Hi Nandini!

      Your arrangement sounds beautiful. Thank you for reading (and commenting!) all the way from India. That makes me heart so happy. I hope you’re having a great week!


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