Easy Subtle Contour Tutorial

Persona DreamStick Cream Bronzing Stick

Easy Subtle Contour

Bronzing Stick

I love a little contour just as much as the next gal, but I’m pretty picky about it. My skin is so fair that a little color goes a LONG way. And typical contouring just doesn’t work for me. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t really love and want *the glow*.

After trying handfuls of contouring sticks and not liking any of them, I had given up on trying to find the right one and just stuck to my favorite powder bronzer, Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow, and called it a day, until I tried Persona’s Bronzing Stick.

Easy Subtle Contour Before Photo


Easy Subtle Contour After Photo


I’ve been a longtime fan of Persona cosmetics. And actually Sona and I were in the L’Oreal League together years ago. So it’s so much fun to actually now get to use her products! And truly I can say that there hasn’t been a product launch that she and her husband have done that I haven’t loved; the line is just so good… so I was thrilled when I heard about the launch of their Bronzing Stick! I thought, this might be *the one* for me, and I was RIGHT!

Persona Bronzing Stick

Persona Bronzing Stick Review

This stick is creamy, blends extremely well, and the color is perfect. It’s not too orange or too red, it’s truly the perfect contour color in my opinion. Also, it’s so buildable that I’m able to put a little on with tinted moisturizer or with a full face of foundation, which I LOVE. It’s just the right amount of pigment to give your face that subtle *pop*.

How to Use the Persona Bronzing Stick

How to Use Persona Bronzing Stick


Persona Bronzing Stick Tutorial


For me it’s really simple, I first apply my SPF/primer, my foundation and concealer, and then I go in with the bronzing stick and highlight under my cheekbones, hairline, jaw line, and nose. After I’ve marked the spots, I use a buffing brush (this is a good one) and blend everything in. Once everything is nice and blended, I’ll go in with my setting powder under my eyes and t-zone, and set my “contour” with my Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow. I’ll then add a little blush to my cheekbones, and voilá!! Seriously, just this little extra step makes a world of a difference… just you wait and see!


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