“Your already stuck in a small box, don’t make things worse!”


If you end up standing right near the buttons, people expect you to be the
conductor. Remember in the good old days when people use to work as elevator
operators? This is you now! Look at it this way ““ you can help others to where
they need to go. Put a smile on people’s faces and spread the courtesy.

If you see a person running towards the elevator, make sure to hold the
door open for them. I’m sure they would do the same for you.

If you don’t want to hold the door for whatever reason, try not to look at
the person. Having earphones with you will help even more, since this will let
you become “deaf” for a few seconds, even if you are just wearing them.

If you notice that a courier or someone with a large freight want to get in
the elevator or is already there when you’re getting on, make sure to move to
either side wall, so they can get out easily. Most of the time, they tend to
stand in the middle of the elevator, for easier access to exit.

If you have a cold, make sure to cover your mouth and nose, even if you
don’t have a tissue. No one wants you to report the weather. That’s what The Weather Network
is for.

So the next time you get in an elevator, keep these points in mind. You
will make your day and everyone else’s a better one.
(Article via: Professional Assistant)

Any one have a bad experience…?!? Do tell!!!!


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