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Emily Ley’s Desk Obsessions

I’m super excited to introduce you to our fourth Desk Obsessed interview post! Today is all about my crazy talented and powerhouse of a friend, Emily Ley! If you haven’t heard of Emily, then you have been living under a rock and it’s time to get out and order yourself a Simplified Planner

Emily and I go WAY back. We met years and YEARS ago at a conference and have been friends ever since. We’ve even been in a Mastermind Group together, and she’s my go-to girl for all of my big business questions. My texts to her often look like this: “HELPPPPPP!!” Not only is she a good friend, but she’s one heck of a business lady and momma.  I’m honored to have her here and featured in our Desk Obsessed series today!

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did! 


Emily Ley

Owner & Designer at Emily Ley and Author of Grace Not Perfection


Book: Grace Not Perfection


Instagram: @emilyley


The Q&A:

1. Is your desk more OCD organized or a little more chaotic?

OCD. In a big way. But in the middle of a work day, it typically gets a little crazy. I always make sure to straighten up at the end of the day, to prepare for the next morning, though.

2. Coffee or Tea? 
Coffee. All day, everyday. Preferably with a little vanilla.
3. Do you work from home, an office, or a shared space?
Well, I have a big gorgeous office in my house. When we built this home, we knocked the wall out between the dining room and office to create one big work space. I love it, but for real peace and quiet, I work at our local library a lot.


4. What’s your go to pen or pencil? 
Pilot V5 in blue.


5. Are there snacks or treats within arm’s reach of your desk?:

Not usually, but during busy times, I’m a candy-fiend. Gummy bears are my candy of choice.



Ashley Brooke designs interviews Emily Ley for her Desk Obsessed series. |

6.What are you listening to at your desk these days? 
Every month we create a Spotify playlist appropriate for the season / holidays / etc. I love our summer playlists right now. When I’m writing, I write in silence or listen to acoustic music to concentrate.

listen here


7.What three things on your desk keep you on track and inspired?
  1.  A photo of my three kiddos – each a miracle in his or her own way. This reminds me why I do the work I do.
  2.  My Simplified Planner – born from a very overwhelming time in my life, it inspires me (gives me a pinch-me moment) every time I see that little dream come true.
  3.  A notepad my grandmother gave me. She passed away a few years ago, but she taught me my faith and I miss her daily. I’ve never written on it. 🙂


Ashley Brooke designs interviews Emily Ley for her Desk Obsessed series. |

8. What daily planner (or app!) do you use?
I heard the Simplified Planner is the best planner ON. THE. PLANET. No really, though, I love our planner. I use it all the time to manage my very busy life. It also reminds me to slow down and embrace the white space in my days more. 

shop here


9.What’s 1 random thing you always have on your desk?

Someone’s legos or toy cars always end up on my desk. The other day, I looked up and there was a Darth Vader sticker right smack in the middle of my iMac screen.


10. What’s your go to resource?

Asana. It’s a project management system my all-remote team of 7 uses to stay in touch all day. It’s fantastic. Also, iMessage on my computer.

download here


End Q&A

Thanks Emily! Desk Obsessed is a regular feature on my blog and a great way to get to know other creatives and designers. I hope you enjoyed it and check back next week for another interview! 


Ashley Brooke


Check back next week for another interview! 

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