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I’ve been wanting to do an “empties” post for a while now, but I always end up throwing away (or recycling) the product before I can PROVE to you that I used it all up. Whoops! But while washing my hair yesterday I realized I needed to order more shampoo and thought, ah, here’s an empty! After I got out of the shower I quickly gathered up the rest of the products that were on their last week(s) of use to write this post!

Truth be told, I don’t really have “favorite” products as much as I have “staple” products. When you test beauty products for a living, you need to have a good solid basic line-up so when things go awry you have a fall-back-know-it-will-work product. These are those products to me. The ones I order, and re-order all the time. They are tried and true, tested and retested, and some might say the best of the best. 

As a side note, isn’t it totally annoying how all of your beauty products run out at the exact same time?! I mean, who has 2 million dollars to spend at Sephora on basics because your foundation, concealer, and shampoo ran out all on the same week?! ha! Well, such is life.

I’m also curious to know how many of you are already using one or more if the items below!

My Tried & True:


I’m still just as obsessed with this foundation as I was at the beginning of the year when I wrote an entire post on it! Yesterday I realized it was just about time for a new bottle, and I am not even a little bit mad about it. 



I’ve been using this concealer for years and I love it! I actually just bought a new one right before our trip to NYC. I can’t recommend it enough! 



This primer has become a favorite of mine. I use it practically every single day. I love the cold foam and find it extremely refreshing first thing in the morning! 



This is such a good basic shampoo! My shower is filled with shampoos for everything from damage control to styling aids, but this shampoo is a great basic. I use at least once a week!


Setting Powder

I cannot live without this setting powder. I use it under my eyes and throughout the day on my t-zone. This is the holy grail of powders and I’ve been using it for 5 plus years. 


Nail Polish

Essie’s “Inside Scoop” is easily the most used color in my vast nail polish collection. I joke that the LAST thing in the world I need is more nail polish, but when it’s almost the only color you ever use, you’re going to need a second bottle!


Dry Shampoo

Are you sick of me talking about this product yet?!! It’s honestly that good. I keep an extra one in my vanity at all times. I don’t know what would happen if I ever truly ran out! 


Face Wash

I rotate my face wash, much like my shampoo. But this is definitely a classic go-to for me. It’s gentle, smells good, and gets the job done. I’m on my 5th or 6th tube. I love it that much. 


If questions about any of these – e.g. How I use any one of them, what they are good for, tips for applying them…Definitely ask them in the comments below and I’ll respond!


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  1. I’m looking for a primer. I have sensitive skin and live in an area with high humidity. In the morning I use an oil free moisturizer from Indie Lee and then a layer of Coola mineral sunscreen. Once I add in foundation, concealer, and powder, I top it off with a setting spray. But…within 2 hours of leaving the house, my makeup has melted into a mess, and it all looks soooooo oily!
    Would a foam primer help?
    Thanks bunches!!

  2. So one of my “empties” is a cream rouge… my first favorite was by Mary Kay it was perfectly creamy – not wet, not tacky, and gave a perfect glow. They stopped making it! I moved on to a cream in a pot by Clarins, a couple years in and I don’t see it at Macy’s anymore. Do you have a recommendation?

  3. I always love empties posts/videos because it’s a true testament to what a person actually uses! I’m going to look into both that concealer and primer – both sound like great products!

  4. Starting my day on your blog is the best start to any morning and today I’m absolutely loving this post. I can 100% agree with the Living Proof products – thank you for turning me on to them! I’m an Orlando local and last night, at the TJ Maxx off 192/429, they had a huge display of Living Proof products – dry shampoo, included – all for at least half off. Such a steal and made restocking a bit less painful.

    • Megan!!! You just made my day!! Thank you!
      Also, I’m now running out to TJ Maxx… thank you for the tip!!

      xo – AB

  5. A few of questions, do you use the concealer under your eyes or just random on your face? Do you then use the setting powder over it? What would you say the setting powder does for you, especially under the eyes? And lastly, I have the FRESH cleanser as well. Do you mainly use it morning or night and why? Trying to figure out my routine with it. Thank you for your blog and stories. Love them all.

    • Jenny!

      1. Both! and yes, then I use setting powder!
      2. Keeps the foundation and concealer in place!
      3. Currently, I use it both at morning and at night… love it THAT much!

      xo – Ashley Brooke

  6. I always run out of everything at the same time too! And it’s generallt when there’s a new product I really want to try so then I have to pick between a staple and a whim, haha! I use the Living Proof products too and love them. My hair feels so much healthier than with other shampoo.
    Do you have a favorite brush for applying the setting powder?

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