I thought I would do a post from the Manners: Kate Spade book
If you can believe it, I don’t own this book and I OBVIOUSLY need to have it!!!!!
Here is a little tip from Mrs. Kate Spade herself:
At Home, Yours or Others:
A welcoming household takes work, and behind-the-scenes preparations will make your company feel relaxed
Sweep the front walk and turn on the lights. Nothing suggests an inviting home more than the friendly glow from lights seen upon arriving.
Fluff the couch pillows, but don’t overly “style” them- after all your guest is in your home. not in a hotel lobby.
Have snacks prepared, as well as white and red wine, soda, and juice
If it’s wintertime, have logs on hand for a fire.
Set out fresh flowers. If house lights say “welcome” then flowers offer a warm smile.
A bathroom being shared with your company should be cleared of overly personal effects. Be sure to put out a fresh bar of soap and guest towels, and a scented candle.
If you have children, scoop up errant toys and games from public spaces.
And be ready before your company arrives. Nothings more awkward for the guest than watching her host run around tidying up.

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