I am constantly questioned about the proper thank you note etiquette, so I thought I would post a tid-bit from Emily Post that gives wonderful advice.
When it comes to etiquette no one says it better than Mrs. Post!

When should thank-you notes be written?
Write your notes as soon as possible, and don’t hesitate if you feel you’re late: a late note is always better than no note at all.
Can a thank-you note be creative?
Absolutely. Incorporating photos, children’s drawings””anything at all that compliments the sentiment is appropriate. Just remember to include a short written thank-you as well.
What about e-mail?
The reality of email thank-you’s, much like email itself, is a degree of emotional distance: an email to your grandmother is simply not as personal as a note written in your own hand. For most people, the written thank-you is your best bet for an expression of warm, heartfelt thanks. The last thing you want is for someone to be disappointed when her hand-knit scarf is acknowledged with a loud, animated e-card.

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