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Happy Monday!  I hope each of you had a great Mother’s Day! Maybe you are a mother or maybe you were celebrating your mom and the motherly figures in your life, regardless I hope you had a wonderful day!   We saw both of our fabulous mothers (the Mr.’s and mine!)  and enjoyed spoiling them a little bit!

iPhone with pink cover{we heart it}

This morning I though we’d address a question that comes up for me from time to time, particularly in the age of cell phones.  If you receive a message from a wrong number, do you return the call and let the person know their message was not received by the right person?

The short answer is yes.  If you have the phone number, think of it as a courtesy to your fellow man to call them back.  This is especially important if the message seemed urgent in any way. For instance, there was an emergency or maybe an appointment needed to be rescheduled.


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