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Happy Wednesday! There are lots of elements that go into preparing an invitation.  There’s the design (my favorite!), be it whimsical, elegant or edgy, there are the party details and the RSVP information.

As someone who thoroughly enjoys giving gifts  I sometimes cringe when I see “No Gifts” listed on the bottom of an occasional invitation.   Not because it’s improper but because I LOVE gift giving (it’s like a pre-requisite around here, Betsy is exactly the same way). If you receive an invitation that says “No Gifts,” it is important you respect the wishes of your host or hostess.  Even though you may want to bring something sparkly and lovely (believe me, I know it’s hard to resist), it’s best not to, at the risk of offending the hosts or making the other guests, who did in fact obey the request, look bad.


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