Etiquette Tips & TricksHello Hello! Happy Wednesday–we are half way through the week, which is always fun to celebrate!

Between Betsy, here in the studio and my sister Kyla, we constantly have weddings on the brain around here!  One of the questions I get asked most often is about the invitation wording when it comes to parents’ names.

Traditionally, the bride’s parents were listed on the invitation as the people inviting you to the wedding, primarily to indicate the wedding was being given by them for the couple.  In today’s culture brides and grooms may come from blended families, choose to host their own weddings or make a decision based solely on the design of their invitation.  With so many possible situations, there are few hard and fast rules these days.  The only rule I would advise is to mention your decision to your parents or family members and be sure not to hurt anyone’s feelings.


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