Etiquette Tips & TricksHappy almost Thanksgiving! I am so excited for family time and yummy food tomorrow!  I thought it would be appropriate to feature some of Emily Post’s Thanksgiving tips today as a reminder to all of us to put our best foot forward tomorrow!

-Always RSVP.  Let your host know whether or not you are coming–even at the last minute, it’s always to better to let them know.

-Offer to bring something to the meal, if your host refuses respect their wishes, but it’s always nice to ask.

-Consider your dress.  Wear something worthy of the effort your host is putting into the meal. Thanksgiving dinner is usually an all out feast so be sure your outfit reflects the occasion–when in doubt, over dressing is best.

-Be on time.  When the turkey is done, the feasting begins, so don’t expect people to wait on you if you’re late!

-Offer to help with the clean-up. Family or non-family, this is one day where it is a great idea to pitch in.

-Give thanks.  After dinner, a phone call or hand-written note thanking your host is always a great idea!



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