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Our etiquette posts are back, as promised in this post last week! Now, every Wednesday, you’ll find a helpful etiquette tip or trick to make living graciously all the more simple.  I promise you won’t have to read a novel of thoughts, rules and expectations, but rather a quick anecdote designed to enhance your knowledge of etiquette and assist you with everyday situations.  This is what I always wanted the etiquette portion of our blog to be and I’m looking forward to our new approach!  As always, we love getting questions from our readers, so if you have an etiquette question or need clarification, send us a note to info{at}ashleybrookedesigns{dot}com

Today’s Tip: When addressing a couple in writing, the woman’s name goes first.


Betsy and Luke,

Thank you so much for having Manuel and I over for dinner last week.  The meal was delicious and the company was even better!


Ashley Brooke

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