Everything In My Diaper Bag

… literally everything.

It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve just been out and about all day every day, running errands, doctors appointments, seeing friends, and more! And yesterday as I was tossing my diaper bag into the back seat I had a moment of appreciation for just how magical this bag of tricks is.

Laurens is only 3 months old, but I have yet to come into a situation that this diaper bag couldn’t handle… it’s packed to perfection, and I have my sister to thank for that… see how she packs her toddler bag here!

Before Laurens was born my mom and sister, came over to help me get things organized and my sister packed my diaper bag. She truly is the most organized and prepared person I know, so I knew with her help I’d be in FANTASTIC shape. And honestly, that has 100% been the case. I’ve quite literally used all the things in this bag at one point or another!

Truthfully though, at our very first doctors appointment (we went through two outfits!) there was need for everything from a fresh set of clothes and new socks to Shout wipes. When we got in the car, Ryan turned to me and said, “Tell your sister thank you, she’s good at packing a bag!” I had to laugh. It truly is the to-go version of the nursery… we have everything.

Also, funnily enough, even though this feels like A TON of stuff, this bag ends up being pretty darn light, and I just pop it in under my stroller and go. Truly the easiest.

Oh, and pro-tip from my mom: repack/refresh your diaper bag at the end of the day if you’ve been out and about. The one time I didn’t do that, I, well, really regretted it. Moms really do know best!

P.S. Don’t miss these posts! My Newborn Favorites and My New Mom Favorites are full of more things I’ve been loving as a new mom lately.

A Few Favorites From The List

First, I have to call out my tote bag… I AM OBSESSED with it. When I came in I thought, “Well, that’s huge!” and it turns out, it’s perfect. Plus I just love the look of it. Feels very handsome. I ordered the largest size and paired it with this organizational insert and it’s perfect. Cannot say enough good things about it!

Okay, next I want to talk about the change of clothing… this, I have come to find out, is an actual must. We’ve gone through our emergency outfits more times than I can count! And this oversized white button down is perfect for me if something tragic ends up happening (iykyk) and I can just throw it on top of a dress or swap out my top. Also these Shout wipes have saved the day and I keep a small squirt bottle of this stain remover to spray down his outfits after a blow out and bag them in these disposable bags. This has helped saved more than one of my favorite outfits of his. Because if you know anything about a newborn blow out, you know it’s destructive.

Also, I keep a pair of pjs on hand too! Just in case we are out late and it’s his bedtime, we’ll get him cozy. We’re *currently* pros at the carseat to crib transfer! Fingers crossed that will last.

What else…. oh, I love these little pacifier lovies. It’s like a Wubanub BUT you can attached your own paci and remove it to wash. Laurens goes weeks where he hates his pacifier and then weeks where he loves it… we are currently in a phase where we are spitting it across the room, but regardless we have this on hand.

These blankets are my favorite! I use them to nurse if I’m out, but also to keep him cozy. I talk about them more in my Newborn Favorites post, but gosh we love them.

Can’t go anywhere without like a million of these.

I actually used this for the first time ever yesterday, and I am REALLLLY grateful I had it with me. Eeek!

This charger charges our sound machines, phones, and fans if we are in a pinch. Which, I’m usually in.

Oh, and lastly, snacks. Always pack snacks for yourself. I’ve never been more hungry in my life. These are my current favorites.

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