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Our walls found the perfect art piece from Minted!

Out of all the decor things (furniture, paint colors, accessories, rugs, oh my!), I find art to be the absolute hardest to find. I only ever want to put pieces on our walls that we truly love, but also that fit our space. And, it turns out, finding both is hard to come by! Especially because we live in a smaller space, I really wanted to have special, yet statement, art. But it was feeling like I needed to splurge on a fully custom piece of art to accomplish all of these things.

Dilemma solved when I found Minted’s Custom Fine Art program! I could choose from I could choose from over 280+ pieces of Minted’s amazing fine art pieces and make it my own by customizing size, color, and/or scale. The perfect mix!

Day Dream” by Brian Sostrom – Matted with a Matte Brass Frame

$75 Off Your Order!

Minted has kindly provided me with an exclusive offer that waives the $75 customization fee on orders $250+. You won’t see this offer anywhere else! You can get to work with a Minted art stylist today who will assist you in bringing your dream art piece to life.


When I discovered Minted’s new Custom Fine Art feature I jumped at the opportunity to try it. I’ve been actually looking for a piece of art for our little hallway that leads to the guest bathroom, nursery, and home office. Everything I’ve tried in the space just hasn’t felt right and I really wanted an art piece to feel like it has *always* belonged in our home.

I had two issues I needed to solve: First, the wall has a view of both the guest bathroom and the nursery, so the colors needed to work with the decor and feel in both rooms. Our guest bathroom is a mix of warm neutrals and our nursery (once finished!) will be warm blues and neutrals. But finding something that would mesh with both of those spaces has been tough. Transition walls can be the hardest because you really need things to F-L-O-W. The second issue was size. Honestly, it’s just a weird wall that needed a customize size.

I was so excited to use Minted’s Custom Fine Art program to see if I could finally solve my art problem. And I did! I am *so* happy with the result.

After exploring everything the Custom Fine Art selection had to offer, I decided to go with an art piece called “Day Dream.” It was exactly what I was looking for design wise! It’s calming, neutral, and whimsical, but it did have one issue—the colors were just a tad bit too cool for the space.

When checking out, I made a note that I’d like to speak to a designer about tweaking the colors and I was reassured that someone would reach out. Within a few days I was chatting with a designer via email. I sent her photos of the two spaces this print would sit between, and when she asked for paint colors I knew she’d get it right! I was also able to crop the image however I wanted as well, which is amazing. The whole process is really quite special.

After our design chats, she sent the piece into production and just a few days later it was on my doorstep and hung on our funny little wall, which, turns out, is now the perfect pass-through space. All thanks to the custom art!

I truthfully cannot recommend trying out the Minted’s Custom Fine Art program enough. Whether you are looking for something really fun and large-scale or a simple piece for a small space, Minted has you *more* than covered.

A Few Favorites From The List

I had so much fun diving into all the art choices Minted has to offer! A few of my favorites are this rainbow print and this bright yellow print. How are amazing are they! I could definitely see them in a playroom or bright open dining room with a funky chandelier.

I’m also really into this jump piece that I think would be fantastic over a big bathtub, don’t you think?

The options are truly endless. Definitely give it a go and *finally* find the art your walls are dreaming of! And I hope you have as much fun building your custom art piece as I did.


In partnership with Minted.


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