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Makeup That Glows

My top 5 habits and 3 products that make a huge difference!

One of my most asked questions is about my face makeup, which I find to be such a funny question. What foundation, concealer, powder, and bronzer I use on a daily basis… etc. I find these questions shocking, not because I think they are silly questions, they are definitely not, but I’ve always had such a love-hate relationship with my skin.

Honestly, I’m just finally getting the hang of what my skin needs and how it reacts to certain cosmetics, which is why it makes me chuckle. My skin has changed 1,000 times over the years and I’ve always had to work hard for good skin. I was never one of those girls with perfectly clear skin growing up, so skincare was a necessity not a hobby.

I also have EXTREMELY fair skin, like the fairest of the fair. I never even have to color check when I go to buy foundation… I just say “do you have ‘porcelain’?!” which every makeup company does… and it’s always my perfect match. Not even kidding. 

So between the acne and fair skin, you could imagine I had my work cut out for me. But now, with a lot of practice, I’m finally getting the hang of it. It’s likely it will always be equal parts art and science. My skin will change again and I’ll have to adapt. But at the moment, this is what I’m rolling with!


5 Tips for Skin That Glows


Ok, so here are 5 tips that will make your face makeup really look great:


1. Get Enough Sleep – This is really more of a goal to shoot for. Not sure it will ever happen as consistently as I would like, but aiming for it helps!

2. Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day – Hydration is key. This is easy… you can totally do this one! Also, these water bottles makes it easy!

3. Always Take off Your Makeup Before Bed – Do not pass go without taking off your makeup. OMG, I can’t emphasize this enough!

4. Eye Cream ForeverI swear by eye cream. I think it makes a world of a difference with dark circles, puffiness, etc… It makes every step of your makeup routine that much easier.

5. Makeup Free Days – Whenever I get a chance to go without makeup I take it! Always good to give your skin time to breath!


My Everyday Make Up Routine


Okay, now for the makeup! Last week I talked about my 5-minute makeup routine. When I’m in a hurry, that’s what I will do, but normally I like to wear foundation… It just feels better, or at least to me it does! ha!


Foundation: Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24 H

Let me just say that I LOVE this foundation. Love. It. LOVE. IT. Not only does it last a long time (like I don’t run out in 30 days!) but it also stays on your face all day. It isn’t cake-y or too thick. It’s juuuust right. I have been wearing this foundation for the past year solid, and it’s going to take something really good for me to change. It’s the best I’ve ever tried. I wear this foundation just about every day over Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer. 


Concealer: Juice Beaty

This is another on of my favorites that lasts all day and one you won’t have to restock constantly. The I’ve been wearing this for over a year and only this last Sunday bought a new one. So it basically lasts forever. 

I love this concealer because it is moisturizing and goes on smooth. I absolutely love the texture, and as a concealer it just feels nice. 


Blogger Ashley Brooke Designs Five Minute Make Up Routine |

Powder: Laura Mercier

Once I blended my foundation and concealer, I use Laura Mercier translucent setting powder. If you haven’t tried this yet, you really should. And it’s a total game changer. I promise. It will set your makeup for the entire day! 


Blogger Ashley Brooke's 5 Minute Make Up Routine |


So that’s my face routine, foundation, concealer, and powder!

I hope that you could relate to some part of this and all of these tips, tricks, and products are helpful.  You’ll definitely have to let me know if you try them out!  I swear by these three… the best of the best!



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  1. Hi! Thanks for the tips. Just wanted you to know that the Laura Mercier link actually links to the Lancome makeup instead of the LM product.

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