A full video review of my favorite headband finds this season...I'm talking full try-ons and some great deals. Plus, I even show off few of my favorites dating back to high school!


Pearl Headband ($17, pack of 6) // J.Crew Sweater (on sale) // Rodin Lipstick “So Mod”

Just Call Me Blair Waldorf

I have and ALWAYS will be a fan of the headband. I’ve loved them for years and even have a giant cookie jar (that I’ve had since high school) full of them, that I’m still wearing on repeat.

Now that they are officially back in style (but truthfully… were they ever out?!) I’ve been upping my headband game and couldn’t be any happier about it! I’ve always felt like a headband could give your hair a purpose/style and pulls together an entire outfit in just a snap.

Below are a few of my most recent headband finds that are all $20 and under, and the perfect thing to give your Fall wardrobe an extra little pop!

Watch the full haul below:

Headbands Featured

Pearl Headband ($17, pack of 6) // Bee Striped Headband ($14, pack of 4) // Padded Headbands ($8, pack of 3)

Lipsticks Featured

Lipstick 1: Maybelline Lipstick “Stay Exceptional” // Lipstick 2: Rodin Lipstick “So Mod” // Lipstick 3: Maybelline Lipstick “Laugh Louder”

You’ll have to let me know if pick one of these headbands up, I’d love to hear how you like it! Post it on stories and tag me @ashleybrooke… I’ll repost them! 😉

P.S. I may or may not be addicted to filming these videos, they’ve become such a fun creative outlet that just so happen to fit nicely into my day job… so, you may be seeing a lot more of them! Fingers crossed you are loving them as much as I am! And if so, please let me know if there is anything you are dying to see next!



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  1. Bought a new headband (I’m not usually a headband person but they look so cute on other people!) so I had to go back to this post this morning to figure out how to wear it! haha It was super helpful! I feel so cute!

  2. So funny. My much anticipated padded headband came yesterday. It was delivered to my office. My coworker looked at me like what the heck. I think I’m in the same ‘fabulous on others, but maybe foolish on me’ boat.

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