Blogger Ashley Brooke in Southern Sequins Tassel Earrings


I’m All About That Tassel!

First off, let me just welcome back my favorite blog series of all time, Fancy Friends! If you are new around here, let me just give you a little background…

I started our Fancy Friends blog posts a few years ago as a thank you to all of the wonderful and AMAZING bloggers that have posted about our products here at Ashley Brooke Designs. It’s a place for new brands and smaller business (like us!) to be seen, and you know… get a little love! Because let’s be honest, we are legit all in this together! 

So, without further adieu, meet this week’s Fancy Friend: Southern Sequins.

Souther Sequins is the cutest Etsy shop (and store front; hello, Palm Beach!) you’ve ever seen. Christina hand makes, that’s right, HAND MAKES all of the jewlery. Crazy right! The amazing thing about her jewelry is that is beautiful, like I-could-have-found-this-at-Nordstrom type pretty! It’s a little bit boho and a little bit preppy, and all kinds of right! 

So, if you didn’t know about Christina and her magical jewelry, consider yourself informed. And if you did, isn’t she amazing!?


Blogger Ashley Brooke in Southern Sequins Tassel Earrings


I can’t get enough of these tassel earrings, but I linked to a few more of my favorites below! Hope you fall in love with Southern Sequins.



P.S. Know someone who should be featured on our Fancy Friends series?! Shoot us an e-mail and let us know – with the subject line: “FANCY FRIENDS!”


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  1. Thank you so much Ashley! I am honored to have been featured as an ABD Fancy Friend, an so thankful for supportive #girlbosses like you! Love ALL things ABD, and I look forward to lots of collaborating in the future!

    • I just love you and your jewelry, Christina! So grateful for you and your talent! I can’t wait to keep collaborating together. xx, AB

    • You are SO welcome! I absolutely LOVE them, and I knew everyone else had to know about Southern Sequins! xx, AB

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