Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021
Father’s Day Gift Guide

corkcicle canteen // binoculars // all-in-one tool // stanley pour-over // le creuset cast iron skillet // red clay hot sauce kit // catan board game // tool caddy // personalized woodford reserve // quicksilver sun hat // vineyard vines hat // book light // swim trunks // ray-ban sunglasses // nike sneakers // carry on luggage

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Gifts starting at $18!

I had a little too much fun putting together this gift guide. I usually let Ryan put together any of the gift guides I do for men, but I had already bookmarked so many things that I felt up to the challenge. PLUS: I’m kind of loving the olive green “cool guy” vibe. I know my dad would LOVE absolutely everything on this list (I’ve actually scooped up something for him from this list!), and all of my girlfriends’ husbands would too! AND most importantly, I got the official seal of approval from Ryan… not to toot my own horn, but he was impressed with this list. 😉

I wanted to call out a few of my favorites: like these binoculars. Ryan talks about binoculars, like, once a week. And this tool carrier – he has this one and uses it ALL the time. Also, this pour over contraption just looks cool, and you cannot go wrong with this $18 book light. I have it and LOVE it.

Hopefully this list helps you find the perfect gift for all the amazing dads in your life!


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