Favorite Holiday Decor

Decking The Halls

I can’t believe November is right around the corner! It’s getting me so excited to decorate for Christmas, and I’ve already started collecting a few of my favorite things. Christmas is my favorite holiday, and I love adding holiday touches to our front door, and having the tree be the focal point of our living room.

Favorite Holiday Decor
Favorite Holiday Decor

Gold Olive Wreath // Gold Tinsel // 2020 Frame Ornament // Champagne Ornament // Hanging Iron Bells

Vintage Tea Cups // Faux Tree // Cocktail Glasses // Embroidered Napkins

Mineral Green Ribbon // Woven Tree Collar // Floral Salad Plates

Woven Tree // Glass Trees 1 & 2 // The Magnolia Company Wreath // Straw Tree Topper // Nativity Set

The Tree

I love decorating Christmas trees, and for me, there are few must haves that really make it pop. We own this tree collar, and LOVE IT! I replaced our tree skirt with it a few years ago, and love the look of it. I am also TeamTinsel. It’s such an inexpensive addition to your tree, and it adds so much sparkle–it truly makes your tree feel magical. The last thing we do every year is add the tree topper, and this year I’ve got my eye on this natural woven star. Isn’t it so sweet?!

Wreaths & Ribbons

My love for our magnolia wreaths is well documented. We got them from a local company years ago, and they’ve held up beautifully! Lucky for you, they ship! These make such a beautiful addition to your Christmas decorations. On a similar note, I love to finish my wreaths and all my gifts with ribbons and bows. Recently, I went over to Etsy and stocked up on my favorite ribbon. Because really, there’s little I love more than fancy ribbon!

Heirlooms and Table Top

Last year while browsing our local garden shop, I spotted these natural woven trees and just couldn’t get enough. This one came home with me! I also love this simple nativity set. Growing up, my mom put the same one out every year, and I love the idea of something like this becoming a family heirloom that we pull out year after year.


It’s no secret that I love hosting loved ones and setting a fun table for any occasion. There are so many fun ways to spruce up your dishes, glassware, and table linens to reflect the holiday season. Your local antique or thrift store is a great place to find vintage cups and saucers or serving pieces. I am obsessed with these cocktail glasses and these elegant embroidered napkins. I also think these Tory Burch plates would be perfect with red accents on your holiday table and transition nicely to be used throughout the year.


Favorite Find

Oiseau Salad Plate

Oiseau Salad Plate, Set Of 4

Tory Burch

Shop Here


Lastly, don’t forget about your outdoor spaces! We use those magnolia wreaths and a garland on the front of our house. And our backyard is always decked out with string lights, but I think this may be the year I ask Ryan to add a few Christmas lights to our house. Last year, I had a little Florida Christmas tree on our porch, and it honestly made me smile every time I went outside. Pine cones are another great nature-inspired decoration that makes it feel like Christmas to me. I love to put a bunch in a big, earthy bowl on our outdoor coffee table.

I hope this little list helps inspire you (like it did me!) to get your ducks in a row to deck the halls and decorate your home!


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