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Happy [almost] Small Business Saturday! We wanted to make sure you got a chance to take a peek at some of our favorite places to shop (online and in store) before you head out tomorrow morning and hit the brick and mortars! 😉

As a former small product business owners, I know first hand HOW much every single sale means. I checked the sales reports 3 times a day, took all the customer reviews to heart, and felt a flutter every time my Shopify app would chime (telling me there was a sale)! 

Shopping small is a BIG deal to the people behind these brands. They are some of the most hardworking and kind people you will ever meet. So before you go Amazon Prime everything this holiday season, take a peek below at some of my favorite brands. Their sales may be smaller, but their hearts are definitely bigger!


16 Ways to Shop Small


1. Inslee Fariss 20% off Sale – Inslee is one of my favorite people and I am honored to be able to call her a friend! She is beyond talented and her work is unreal. I’m currently day dreaming about her 2019 Botanical Desktop Calendar .

2. Society Social Thanksgiving Sale – Roxy is one of the sweetest and hardest working women I know and her Thanksgiving sale is unreal! If you don’t already have one of her famous bar carts, now’s the time!

3. Simplified up to 50% off Sale – Emily is another great friend of mine (you’re going to hear that a lot in this post!) and her Cyber Week sale is the best it’s ever been! Now’s the time to scoop up your 2019 planner and fancy gold pen, both which are personal favorites of mine.

4. Loren Hope up to 30% off Sale – I love Loren so much and consider her one of my dearest friends! Her talent is unbelievable and this year’s collection is out of control! My personal favorites are these bow earrings, I’m asking Santa for them this year!

5. Lettermade 20% off Sale – Malia from Lettermade is one of the kindest people I know and her embroidered napkins are gorgeous! I’m obsessed with these monogrammed Citrus Crest ones and am definitely putting them on my list this year! 

6. Waiting on Martha up to 30% off Sale – Not only do Ryan and I consider Mandy and her husband, Anthony, great friends, but Mandy’s taste is impeccable! I love everything she puts together and her store (both online and brick & mortar) is stunning! This Personalized Recipe Board and these beautiful napkin rings!

7. Teleties Mystery Sale – Lindsay is one of my best friends. I remember when we had dinner 3 years ago and she was telling me all about her idea for Teleties, and now, her company and product has gone viral! I could not be any more proud of her! Plus, her hair ties are the bomb dot com. These are my favorite, go get them! 

8. The Art Bar Co. 20% off Sale – Lindsay is so incredibly talented and her 20% off sale is one you don’t want to miss! This floral painting is one of my favorites and would make such a pretty gift!

9. Emily McCarthy Shoppe 20% off Sale (code: blackfriday20) – I love everything Emily does, but her personalized entertaining is my favorite! Obsessed with the custom monograms! 

10. LaRoque Original 40% off Sale (use the code “thankful40” at checkout) – Okay, AnnaBelle is the cutest and her designs are adorable! I’m currently obsessed with this Holly Jolly Plaid top!

11. The Primrose Shop in store sales – I love the Primrose shop and have been buying gifts there since I was in college! If you are local to Orlando it’s a must go! Their Sales this week are so good!

12. The Grove Winter Park in Store Holiday Scratch Offs – The Grove in Winter Park is one of my favorite spots! If you get a chance pop in over the weekend and check out their holiday fun! (and if you can’t go in person, their online selection is amazing as well, I personally love these earrings!) 

13. Corckcicle 30% off all Barware – One of our great friends, Stephen, is part owner of Corckcicle and we just adore their family and their cups! 😉 Ryan and I use the 24oz tumblers every morning for our smoothies, we are obsessed! But their koozies are on mega sale and make the perfect gift!

14. Draper James 25% off Sale – Years ago I went to the grand opening of the very first Draper James store and met Reese Witherspoon. It was such a fun day and it’s been a pleasure to watch them grow! This year their sale is amazing and their selection is even better! I’ve had my eye on this one and I think it’s time to pull the trigger! 

15. The Magnolia Company 25% off Sale (use the code BFRIDAY25) – We love Magnolia Company. Matt and Julie are the kindest people I think Ryan and I have ever met. We’ve been to their farm and the love that these sweet people have for their craft is unreal (you can read about it here). Their Original Magnolia Collection is by far my favorite. 

16. Gal Meets Glam 40% off Sale – As you know I love the GMG dresses and have been wearing them since their launch in April. I think I now have 5 or 6 of them at this point… they are just that good! And now that this one is on sale I’m thinking I may just have to add just one more to my collection! 😉


I know I didn’t get everyone, but I hope that this post serves as a reminder that shopping small matters, and every sale makes a difference!



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