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Happy February!!

Last night some girlfriends and I were chatting and my friend Hannah said, “January just feels like a month of Mondays,” to which we all replied with a resounding YAAAS! I personally love a Monday, but she’s right, it does feel like too many ‘I’m not ready for this‘ days in a row. Also, can January feel like a lot of pressure as you look around at everyone else drinking celery juice, Marie Kondo-ing everything, and clocking extra hours at the gym. It’s a lot.

So February, we welcome your sugary sweet, overly pink & sparkly month with open arms. February, you are our favorite. You are fun, frivolous, and just for us girls… so thank you for being you.

I hope you all enjoy this month’s download. I love making these for you and I hope that they make you smile when you check your e-mail and text your bff’s. 

Happy February, friends! 

Mobile Version:

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Desktop Version:

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  1. Thanks so much for this! I just put the desktop version on my work computer. This will be a not so subtle hint to my students on Monday morning of our goal for February! It matches my classroom’s “Throw Kindness Like Confetti” bulletin board, so cute!

  2. I have a picture hanging in my office that says “kindness is always fashionable”. And you are right, kindness does count! Have a great day! 🙂

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