Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters

Happy Birthday to our sweet book club! Can you believe we chose our first selection in February of LAST YEAR?? Honestly, it has been the most fun reading along with you for 12 whole months. Needless to say we felt the pressure to pick an amazing title for our one year anniversary. And BOY, did we find a gem for you! Would Like to Meet is everything you want in a rom com of a book (Literally–it’s all about rom coms and meet cutes)! The characters are sweet and hilarious and the plot is perfection. Can’t wait for you to get your copy and read along!


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Quick Summary:

Would Like to Meet asks the question, can you fall in love like they do in the moves? Evie Summers is about to find out. Working in a talent agency for screenwriters, Evie is charged with helping a notoriously difficult writer named Ezra finish a long overdue script. They come to an agreement that involves Evie setting up meet-cutes from her favorite films all over London and writing about them as inspiration for the script. During one meet-cute she meets a kind widower and his daughter who become her friends and confidants. Will Ezra finish the script? Can meet-cutes lead to love? Evie is determined to make it all happen!

From the Editors

Why We Chose It:

About the Author

Rachel Winters is single and living in London. In addition to completing a creative writing MA, she’s spent most of her twenties freelancing for local papers and online magazines–including editing a craft magazine and writing a weekly column about pets (though she doesn’t own any). It’s very Sex and the City. She likes long walks in the country, big cities, and firmly believes there are few problems that can’t be solved with good friends and very large glasses of wine. She’s currently an editor at Orion Books.

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