The Bucket List:

Last month I published my “January Bucket List” which so very many of you e-mailed me about, saying that you wanted to participate in the list too. So this month I’ve made a little download that will go along with my February Bucket List.  Feel free to print it out and play along this month! Also, for the sake of transparency, I went back through January’s list below to let you know how I REALLY did! Ha!

I hope you enjoy these bucket lists and that more than anything they keep the fun things top of mind, yet don’t add pressure to your already busy schedule! If you are anything like me you’ll let weeks go by and realize you haven’t been intentional about anything, just letting life whip you around. I want more home-cooked date nights and giggle-filled girl’s nights more than I want late night e-mail sessions and mindless scrolling on my phone. That’s what this list is for, to remember to have fun. Life is too short to not!


February’s Bucket List:

  1. Plan a romantic, at home date night for Valentine’s Day, complete with home-cooked meal, fancy dress, candles, the works!
  2. Write Ryan a love letter. One that isn’t on a Hallmark card… I may even wax-seal it if I can figure out how to make that happen!
  3. Start working on organizing our photographs. I love the idea of using these books. Thanks, Emily Ley for the idea!
  4. Host a Valentine’s Day themed Girl’s Craft Night… we already have a good idea for this one, we’re thinking hand stamped bandanas.
  5. Organize my pantry with my mom, because she knows how to do that kind of stuff. Also, I want my pantry to look exactly like hers.
  6. Make homemade bagels. I saw this recipe (there’s a dairy-free version!) and I’m dying to try it! Yum!
  7. Go book-shopping in an actual store that doesn’t rhyme with Amazon Prime. Feels like the right thing to do.
  8. Have a Saturday morning coffee & avocado toast date with my best girls.
  9. Go to the movies, smuggle in popcorn and snacks!
  10. Schedule an at-home spa night, complete with champagne and a bubble bath!


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January’s Bucket List Recap – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

  • Host a dinner party for our close friends and use the good china! -Ah!! No, but we did all go to a wedding together… does that count?! Gah, next month. I’ll do it. I promise. 
  • Date night at our favorite restaurant. – Done and done… We ate at Babbo while in NYC. This also ended up being my favorite night of the month! I am so glad we made it a priority!
  • Get a mani-pedi and leave my phone in the car. Silly, I know but I haven’t gotten one in over a year. Whenever I do, I tend to not even enjoy them because I’m returning e-mails the entire time! – Nope, I wasn’t even close to making this one happen, whoops!
  • Host (our 4th!!) Girl’s Craft Night – these are some of my favorite nights! – Okay, so this didn’t happen at all… but we have February on the books! Does that count?!
  • Start working out with my girlfriends 3 days a week at 6 a.m. We have a plan to start next week! I can’t wait! – OMG, yes, we’ve been doing this and it’s been so much fun! The only not fun thing is the 5:15 alarm, other than that… total blast. (see more here)
  • Finish a book. I’m the worst and tend to take months to finish a book, always picking up my laptop or phone instead. I’m going to charge my phone on the opposite side of the room at night so I’ll grab a book instead of my phone before bed. –  Oh, I totally did this one, and I’m almost done with my second book of the month! Extra points for me!
  • Try three new recipes. – I made two, I feel like that kinda-sorta counts. But neither of them were THAT impressive, so I won’t bother to share.
  • Take a day trip somewhere new. – Yes! We had an extra day during our NYC trip so we took the train to Newport, RI. It was spectacular and I highly recommend.
  • Call (not text!) one girlfriend a week that lives in a different state! – Totally did this! Whoo-hoo!
  • Spend ten minutes a day journaling and just being still. – I did this 2-3 times each week, so I wouldn’t call it a total fail, but I can’t claim success yet either. 


Regardless of what did or didn’t get done, I’m all about a fresh start! So cheers to February, let me know what you end up doing on this list!







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  1. I love how fun your bucket lists are. I wish I had time to fit these things in. Once morning sickness is over I will have more energy Ha Ha!

    XO, Jess

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