I love my job.
It’s funny because this week has been a very intense week for us here at Ashley Brooke Designs in all sorts good & irritating ways. I feel like this week has nurtured growth for me and us in ways I didn’t see coming. But in the midst of pure frustration there wasn’t a moment that I thought to my self I wish I wasn’t doing this (maybe I wish I had 4 arms instead of 2, but that is besides the point). I love what I do. I truly adore it. This little business is my baby and I eat, breath, sleep it. 

It is an incredible feeling to know that you’ve created something with a few markers and a sketch book. Something that has been able to help impact peoples lives, something worth taking a second glance at. Something that makes you smile, and something that is purely indulgent! 
Even on the days where my markers have run out of ink, the printer is printing only the color yellow, I’ve drank too much coffee and I can’t steady my hand enough to draw a maltipoo, my e-mail server has crashed, I think to myself… it literally doesn’t get any better than this. I love what I do. Even on the no-good-very-bad-days, I get the chance to create something from scratch and there is nothing like having an idea and making it come forth on paper. So I guess what I am trying to say is thank you! Thank you for supporting my dream of a creating stationery company, thank you. For you, I will be forever grateful! 
Also, I wanted to attach a few photos from last nights meet-up with It’s Better Together! We had such a great time at Lure Design Studio and I personally learned a ton from the wonderful people there! They even let us screen print our own poster (SO FUN!!). And not to mention the people who attended are some of the most hard working, talented people I know, I feel so blessed and honored to be in there company!

I was given the responsibility to come up with the name tags and business card holders for this meet up and I just love the way the finished product came out! Everything is always better together!


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