Mistletoe Ready!

 Whether you like a bold lip or a subtle lip, one thing is for sure… we like it to stay on, especially during mistletoe season! Last month, L’Oreal came out with their brand new lip paints, and never have I been more excited about a product! The more I use them the more I fall in love with them, and over the past month I have these three (“Fearless Fuchsia“, “Spicy Blush“, and “DIY Red“) in complete rotation! 

My favorite thing about these lipsticks besides the price (hello, $9.99!) is the way they quite literally stay on ALL DAY. I’m not even kidding. A few weeks ago, I even told you all about my experience with the DIY Red color at a baby shower… I snacked, chatted, and sipped champagne for hours and nothing, NOTHING came off. These lip paints are a true Christmas miracle, and you need to swing by your nearest Ulta (P.S. they are on sale for buy 1 get 1 50% off!) and pick them all up, well… at these three! 

When it comes to date night, I like to switch it up. Sometimes I go girly with a bright poppy pink, and this is my favorite POP of pink! I know that when you think holidays you think red, but if you feel like red might be too harsh for you to start, try a pink! It’s the perfect color to wear to the Nutcracker, or a night out for champagne with your best girl friends. 




Try pairing these items together when using your new Fearless Fuchsia, you’ll really glow like a sugar plumb fairy! 





Other times, I like to go a little more subtle on the lip and more smokey on the eye! Honestly, this Spicy Blush color has become my new go-to everyday color. It’s flattering on everyone’s skin color (trust me, we were all wearing it while in NYC at one time or another!) and it’s one of those colors that is just pretty. I’ve gotten more compliments on my Spicy Blush than I can count. If you only buy one of these (which I do not recommend, you need all three!) then you should most definitely buy this one! 




If you are wanting to try a smokey eye with your Spicy Blush lip, try these products below… they are my go-to’s! 





Now this right here, this is my FAVORITE. Because why not wear red lipstick?! I love wearing it! Not only does red lipstick make me feel all, “I am woman, hear me roar!,” but it also makes me feel brave and confident! I quite literally do not understand why everyone isn’t wearing red lipstick all the time, especially during the holidays, when you have an extra excuse or two! I love pairing a bright bold lip with a heavy winged liner and LOTS of mascara. It’s very Marilyn Monroe and feels all kinds of right. 



Try pairing your “DIY Red” with these products, I pinky promise you will feel all kinds of glam when you do!



Now it’s your turn… what kind of girl are you? Poppy pink, subtle, bold red, or all three?! I’m definitely an all three girl, but what will you be wearing this holiday season?

For more of my favorite Drug Store Beauty Buys hop on over to our Pinterest. We’ve got all the best stuff pinned for you! 



Ashley Brooke is a L’Oreal League Ambassador and this post was created in Partnership with L’Oreal Paris.

The L’Oreal League sponsorship is a paid program.

Photographed by: Danielle Nichol Photography 





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