A little weekend vacation

This past weekend Ryan I unplugged for the first time in months and it felt wonderful. We struggle to take time off to recharge and rest. Often, we find our Saturdays and Sundays full with yard work, home DIYs, laundry, family get-togethers, and errands when we aren’t traveling which leaves us feeling like we need ONE MORE DAY when Monday morning rolls around. So this weekend we vowed to finally rest.

We slept in, saw a matinee movie, went to the beach, drank wine with friends under the twinkle lights, took naps, and we even each began and finished books. It was one of my favorite weekends we’ve had in a while! 

It was a far cry from our usual “see how much we can get done in 48hours” marathon and I’m here to report that I really liked it. I’m already looking forward to next weekend and hoping we can make this past weekend a bit of a trend!

5 Things I’m Loving

Over the weekend I did some magazine flipping and some slow Pinterest scrolling, I thought I share with you a few things I’ve been loving lately. Some of them are new finds from the weekend and a few of them I’ve been crushing on for a while.

1. Paper & Clay – Ever since we introduced the all-new ABD in November I’ve been wanting to pick up a coffee mug as a token of our new season, but I have yet to find one that has felt right. We, of course, sold coffee mugs so buying one from somewhere else used to seem silly. Now that we are in this new chapter it feels like a right of passage, but I’ve been so picky. Any time Ryan and I are out and about he’ll pick up a mug and show it to me and ask, “is this the one?” and I always have some excuse on why it doesn’t feel right. But I recently stumbled upon the brand Paper & Clay and knew instantly that it felt right. I think their Dipped Danish Mug in Peach is just the one I need. 

2. Anthropologie Wallpaper – We’ve been seriously talking about renovating our laundry room (aka, tiny hallway closet) and spare bathroom. Ryan has been drawing out plans for weeks and I think he’s finally settled on one for the laundry room. But while he plans the build-outs, cabinets, shelving units, etc… I plan the pretty and I came across this wallpaper from Anthropologie called Above The Palms.  I think it would be perfect for either the bathroom our laundry closet. I’m so set on it that I even tore it out of the latest catalog and put it up on my pin board. It’s the perfect mix of traditional and whimsey. 

3. Love Audry Rose – I’m a delicate jewelry junkie. I really am. I love tiny rings, pretty feminine pieces, and dainty details so when I came across Love Audry Rose it was a match made in heaven. I’m currently coveting the Butterfly Baguette Diamond stack, but really any one of them will do! 

4. Knock Out Roses – Two weekends ago Ryan and I replanted our flowers in the backyard. We had a freeze a couple weeks ago that left just about everything crispy and dry, so it was time. We picked up a flat cart full of flowers at Lowes, replanted, and hoped for the best. This past weekend our “blushing” knockout roses started to bloom and I think they may be my favorite variety of rose we’ve ever planted! It’s been so much fun to get up every morning to see what has bloomed.

5. Table Linens – Last Wednesday night we hosted our church’s community group for our weekly Wednesday night dinner. Every Wednesday night we get together with our favorite people for dinner. There’s always a themed menu and it’s ALWAYS a good time. We eat, drink wine, share stories, study scripture, carry one another’s burdens, and celebrate each other’s wins. It’s always our favorite night of the week, so I was thrilled to finally get the opportunity to host. Our house is the perfect size for us, but it’s definitely not big enough to sit 35 for dinner, so we decided to move the party outside and have the theme be backyard BBQ. I borrowed tables and chairs from my mother-in-law, found these really fun checkered table linens on Amazon, picked up a few daisies at the supermarket, and voila, it was a dinner party! I love what a statement the linens made and can’t wait to use them again. Also, I am so glad I found the shop: Linen Table Cloth on Amazon and I will 100% be ordering from them again. You just can’t beat the price point and such a fun statement… they definitely made the night feel special!


That pretty much wraps up this last weekend and what I’m loving lately. I would love to know if there are any recent finds you’re loving or how you like to take your weekends. Let me know!



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