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A note from me to you…

As I am sure you know, I have been on a mission this December to make the most of the season by taking part in every festive activity! I’ve decorated cookies, watched Hallmark movies until 2 am, worn all the red lipstick, and sang Christmas carols at the tops of my lungs. I’m full into Christmas this year. I’ve roped Ryan and my girlfriends into doing all sorts of festive things. It’s actually become quite funny at this point and more than a few have said over-the-top-ness about it all has been contagious. Which is a great honor!  Yet a friend recently said to me, “I wish I felt the same way about this season as you do,” and it got me thinking”¦.

I don’t want to gloss over that fact that this time of year is incredibly difficult for many. All the sugar cookies and twinkle lights aside, there are many people this holiday season who are feeling less than sparkly. 

It is really hard to watch those who are overly enthusiastic about the season when you just want to hide under the covers until January 2nd. And I can’t help but let my heart break for those of you who are in the thick of a hard season.

The verse in the song, O Holy Night, “A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices,” has always stood out to me. I love the way lyricist put these words together, and how it completely sums up the gift we’ve been given, the gift of hope in a world that is less than shiny. That hope is described throughout the rest of the song (lyircs here). It’s the reason for all the pomp and circumstance, but goes beyond all the presents, lights, and parties. 

I’ve held onto those words from O Holy Night during holiday seasons in the past that have been less than fun. So, for those of you that are feeling the weightiness of this season, know that there is hope. So much so that a weary world rejoices, and that right there is worth celebrating.


xo – Ashley Brooke 




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  1. I totally agree. That song describes perfectly what the Hope for the Season is all about. Messiah IS the only hope we have in this world! True, not everyone has reason to be joyful during this time, but there is always hope. And hope is Real and tangible; it is not a feeling. Hope can get us out of slumps, and hope leads to faith. Thank you for sharing your former struggles with us. And sharing joy with those around you. I enjoy your blog, IG, and YouTube posts.

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