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Do You Have a Favorite?

Now that we are starting to get close to wrapping up this renovation… (thinking maybe by the end of September?! Let’s pray!) I’m really starting to think about ways to incorporate green into our living room. You can see here that our living room and kitchen are kind of one big area, so I definitely need to start adding pops of green into our living room to tie in to our new-soon-to-be green kitchen.

I’ve been on the hunt high and low for pretty green pillows and this is what I’ve come up with so far. What do you think?! Do you have a favorite?

I’m leaning towards this one and this one (a girl can dream, right?!)… but it changes every day! Ha!

P.S. A few more great finds that are budget friendly here, here, & here! To be honest I might just dust off my sewing machine for this project!


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  1. Love both of your choices especially the first one. I also love the animal print one to go with your second choice

  2. Love all of these! Your style and home is STUNNING! Any favorite budget pillows you’ve found over the years? I’d be all ears!! Of course, I love the occasional splurge…but would love to hear of any proven budget favs!

  3. I’m obsessed with the Cowtan and Tout Summerby in the Blue/green color right now it’s sooo pretty. But I have also had the OneKingsLane one on my short list!

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