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…Because We’ve Got Things To Do!

I’ve been getting lots of questions lately about my make up routine and the products I use, etc… So I thought it would be fun to start by giving you a peek inside what I call my 5 Minute Makeup routine! 

For full disclosure, I love at least a solid 20 minutes to put my make up on. I actually really enjoy the process. I drink my coffee, sit on the floor (one day I’ll have a real vanity! ha!) in front of the mirror and primp. I often play an audio book or a podcast, or talk to my mom on the phone… it’s that little bit of cherished “me time” during hectic days of meetings, design work, conference calls, and photo shoots. But I’d be lying to you if I told you this happens on a regular basis. It does not.

For all those other time pressed days, I’ve developed this 5-minute makeup routine that I can quite literally do in my sleep. It’s fast and effective, and on the busiest days I’m still able to feel a little put together! 

gingham top // jeans // essentials bag


So here’s my list of essentials, *in sequential order of application*, below:




Tinted Moisturizer

When I am doing the whole look I’ll usually go for a foundation. But for my 5-minute get-it-done-fast routine I ALWAYS go for the tinted moisturizer. It does all the things and even gives you a little glow, which I love! 

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(color “Porcelain”)


Blogger Ashley Brooke Designs Five Minute Make Up Routine |


I’m convinced that this is the best concealer there is. I love it so much it hurts. This is an ESSENTIAL.

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(color #02)

Blogger Ashley Brooke's 5 Minute Make Up Routine |

Translucent Setting Powder

This is always step three for me and it’s essential, especially since I live the Florida heat and humidity! Also, I love the semi-matte feeling it gives my make up. I even have a tiny one of these I keep in my handbag with me at all times. It’s the absolute best! 

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(color “Translucent”)


Blogger Ashley Brooke's 5 Minute Make Up Routine |


Next, I will do a quick swipe of bronzer on my cheekbones, nose, and around my hair line. this is another one of those DO NOT MISS steps! Bronzer makes me look awake and refreshed all day, which is indispensable on those days when I barely leave the office. ha!

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(color #02)



I’ve recently started using Lancôme blush and I love it! I’ve been a NARS fan for year, but this new Lancôme blush collection had me at hello. I love the colors and the pigment! Also, I do not pass go without just a touch of blush… blondes, you know what I’m talking about! 

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(color #345)


Blogger Ashley Brooke's 5 Minute Make Up Routine |


I love this L’Oreal Highlighter because it doubles as eyeshadow, so I call it a win! I’ll use the lightest color as a highlight and the darker colors for a quick swipe across my lids.

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(color “Rose”)


Blogger Ashley Brooke's 5 Minute Make Up Routine |


I’ve been using this Lancôme brow liner for the past few months and I really, REALLY love it. It has a really fine tip so I can quickly pencil in my brows. It’s perfect for someone who wants to add a little fill but not go overboard! I L-O-V-E it. 

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(color “Blonde”)


Blogger Ashley Brooke's 5 Minute Make Up Routine |


I’ve been really obsessed with L’Oreal’s Voluminous Lash Paradise mascara lately. I feel like it goes on quick and doesn’t need tons of extra coats! Plus it’s under $10 which is a win in my book!

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Blogger Ashley Brooke's 5 Minute Make Up Routine |



For the everyday, I love a little color on my lips that won’t dry them out! This Lancôme “Shine Lovers” is my total go-to!

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(color #323)


Ashley Brooke Designs Blue and White Cosmetic Bag |

Cosmetic Case

All of the above items fit easily into one of our makeup pouches. I love this little zip pouch because it is the perfect size to hold just the essentials! It also fits perfectly into my totes, so I can always do my make up on the run!

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I’ll be sharing more of my make up routines, products, and videos soon… so I’m excited to dive in with today’s post. If you have a “time crunch” routine of your own, let me know what you’re using and loving in the comments below!


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