Floral How-To: My Top Tips For May’s Arrangement

A $39 flower purchase at Whole Foods became… this!

I’m so excited to share this month’s market flower arrangement with you! Last month’s turned out SO beautiful that I really couldn’t WAIT to get started on May’s. Honestly, I really wanted to go back to Trader Joe’s since I had so much luck in the floral department, but decided it was better to mix it up!

Plus, since my last few arrangements have been really colorful with pops of pinks and oranges, I thought it would be nice to do a good old-fashioned preppy hydrangea moment. Because who doesn’t love a classic hydrangea?!

Target dress ($30!!) // Dear Keaton blue & white vase (20% off with the code AshleyBrooke) // gardening shears

Also, if you are anything like me and always struggle with getting your hydrangeas not to wilt within close to an hour of bringing them home, do this boiling water trick! It will BLOW YOUR MIND. Seriously… it’s kind of nuts!

What I Bought From Whole Foods (Total $39.36)

2 bunches of blue hydrangeas

1 bunch of 16 stem white roses

2 bunches of Tutsan

Floral Arrangement How-To

This arrangement is an extremely simple one that makes a BIG impact. I love using hydrangeas because it’s a lot of flower for one stem and really gives a great base and grounds the arrangement. If you are intimidated by flowers, start with this sort of arrangement. It’s totally fool proof!

Step 1: Add hydrangeas.

Like I said, it’s a lot of flower per stem. Honestly, you could just call it a day right here! This is stunning by itself.

Step 2: Fill in roses.

I love using a cream rose when creating any arrangement with hydrangeas… I just feel like they look so elegant. Also, once the hydrangeas are in place, popping in the roses is simple! Just go with your gut here.

Step 3: Add greenery.

I wanted this arrangement to feel preppy and classic. The little pops of greenery really help it feel less wedding, in my opinion, and more like a Nancy Meyers dinner party!

Step 4: Enjoy!!

Like I said, couldn’t be simpler if I tried. Just three easy steps and you are DONE.

This is such a great one to throw together and it’s extremely gift-able! I’ve brought versions of this to friends so many times over the years. I always keep vases like this on hand and some pretty ribbon too, just in case I need to throw together a little something as a gift.

Also, this would be great to do for Mother’s Day this weekend, because what mom doesn’t love a fresh homemade flower delivery?!

Hoping this gets your creative ideas flowing, and if it does, I’d LOVE to see what you come up with. Make sure to tag me on Instagram so I can re-share!

Happy arranging, friends! xx


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  1. Thanks for a wonderful post! I love flowers but do not know much about flower arranging. This was perfect!

  2. So pretty. I have the same Dear Keaton pot. Love it, just cannot seem to find the right glass vase to put inside. Either too short, too tall or the mouth isn’t wide enough. Can you share the dimensions on yours and/or link. Thank you.

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